Sustainable Solutions: 6 Reasons to Invest in Digital Water Bottles

Sustainability is firmly becoming a predominant factor for most businesses – smart water bottles included. 

By numbers, 62 percent of companies deem sustainable strategy to become a necessity, with 22 percent assured it will be so in the foreseeable future. 

When properly integrated, sustainability provides businesses with real value and benefits and ensures the longevity and vitality of a business.   

When it comes to the industry of digital water bottles, here are 6 crucial reasons why these make the smartest sustainable solution investment.

What Do Digital Water Bottles Have To Offer

For starters, digital water bottles are a single-time purchase that does not produce waste, whereas plastic bottles are the number-one environmental enemy. Not only do sustainable water bottles keep our neighborhood clean, but they also offer massive improvement to our daily routine as well. 

Our fast-paced lifestyle is certainly getting in the way of a most important daily habit – maintaining proper hydration. 

However, with the smart bottle, users can track their water intake and be reminded to drink more when falling short. Smart water bottles also allow customers to connect their items to a dedicated app, which provides brands with solid intel regarding their customers’ age, weight, and goals. Digital water bottles are very durable, making them a perfect pick for athletes, hikers, or travelers on the go.

Environmental Quality

The most popular reason why digital water bottles are the sustainable solution you are looking for has to do with the environment we live in. The global problem with plastic waste, especially in our oceans is becoming more and more apparent by the day. Each passing minute plastic the size of a dump truck is wasted into our oceans, most of it in the shape of water bottles. 

In fact, I dare you to go and find a sustainable water bottle laying on a sidewalk. 

That’s right, you won’t! 

If all brands are to convert to the digital water bottle solution, plastic waste will witness massive reduction. You might think that plastic is properly recycled but statistics show otherwise. In the US only about 30% of plastic is recycled properly, whereas the rest ends up in a ditch or a few.


Sustainability and healthcare are connected to every aspect of our lives. This is mostly due to the fact that the quality of our environment largely affects our health. Many of our health issues are directly associated with air and water pollution, all as a result of burned and wasted plastic.

To put this into perspective, digital reusable water bottles produce less to non-existent waste.
In addition, not only do digital water bottles steer clear from creating waste, but they also assist you in hydrating properly, thus tracking a portion of your overall health habits.
By developing solid and functional sustainable strategies, brands worldwide are encouraged in using sustainable water bottles, thus ensuring far less plastic waste and the production thereof.

In the Long Run

The pressure on brands to properly address their sustainable solutions is escalating. The heat is felt on a large scale, with governments and customers concerned about the well-being of our environment and demanding companies to go green once and for all. Sooner or later, when our natural resources reach a critical point, the sales of sustainable items, like digital water bottles, will become the only viable option to rely on. 

In other words, the sooner brands start firmly accepting this smart solution, the better they can manage and maintain a sustainable business. 

Improved Brand Image

Who wants to be a producer of branded garbage and wasteful products? Think about it. Research made by the Natural Marketing Institute found out that 58 percent of customers are likely to buy from a company that is environment-friendly oriented, rather than purchasing from a company using waste-oriented products. This information translates into a massive client base that is likely to purchase if your company has a proper sustainable solution implemented in its operations. 

With the use of smart water bottles, you not only trust a sustainable brand to provide you with a top-notch product but also contribute to a more conscious attitude towards health, yours included.


Attract Investors

Top investors and younger generations are becoming more educated and aware of the idea regarding the production of sustainable products. It’s only a matter of time before sustainable solutions play a key role in attracting an investor. 

In terms of using digital water bottles, these are fit for users of all walks of life – youths, athletes, and regular water drinkers. Out of all, digital water bottles seem to be the most aware category in terms of plastic waste and the need to switch the tides more naturally.

Given the accelerated move from plastic waste to smart options, digital water bottle brands simply felt compelled to sell sustainable products, as a method of staying relevant in today’s sustainability-urgent market. 


Appeal to Employees & Clients

Smart water bottles make a great turn from regular to all-green marketing strategies.
As a result, the industry makes room for smart bottle brands to attract more potential customers, keep their existing ones, and appeal to employees who want to represent a competitively sustainable brand.  

No matter the user, the majority of them will always be attracted to environment-friendly companies. So, if brands want to draw the interest of future clients and hires, they will need to settle their sustainable solutions – at once. 

Go Sustainable, Choose impacx

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On a mission to redefine the use of sustainable materials whilst also keeping their users hydrated, smart bottles do more than just one specific job. 

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