Smart Water Bottles: Sizes, Uses & the Technology Behind It

In smart bottle packaging and functionality, smart water bottle sizes matter – a lot. 

New technologies emphasize health awareness in youths, adults and elders, and drive the market further. Plus, the hydration phenomenon is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and no one does a better job at it than reusable smart water bottles of all sizes.   

Reusable smart water bottles have connected lids and sensors that collect a variety of data from the user, including weight, age, gender, and more.
The bottles track the intake of water and based on the data acquired, it reminds the user to hydrate regularly and rehydrate whenever needed.

Smart reusable water bottles are connected via a dedicated app on the user’s smartphone and can be in sync with many other gadgets. These also display the temperature of the liquid and can differentiate between day and night drinking.

Overview of the Smart Water Bottle Market

The global smartwater market is significantly growing each year, with North America as the key player in the game. In 2016, the global reusable smart water bottle market was valued at $7.000, whereas it is projected to witness exponential growth of $28.5 million by 2025, especially given the CAGR rise of 17.26% during 2020-2025. With polymer being the most used production material, metal is expected to lose a fair market share in the period to come. Not just that but the economic growth in the forthcoming years will additionally take the smart water bottle market onto a new level of usage. 

he global smartwater market is significantly growing each year

What Drives the Smartwater Bottle Market
There are a number of factors the growth of reusable smart water bottles depends on.

The most common are increased health consciousness, rapid development in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, and preserving the environment.

Increased Health Consciousness 

The number of people who recognize the importance of proper hydration is on the rise.  As a result, this puts the reusable smart water bottle markets in the spotlight of importance. Adults are only now becoming aware that their fast-paced life is largely dependent on proper hydration. Each day, more people decide that smart water bottles make an adequate solution to such a simple, yet complex problem.

Introducing the Latest Technologies

The increased number of sports fanatics is stimulating new tech inventions such as fitness trackers, calorie trackers, smart bands, and so on. Reusable smart water bottles, therefore, make a highly beneficial addition to any athlete’s routine. Moreover, thanks to designated apps and the IoT’s key role in the process, people can now track their hydration levels and set personalized goals based on their needs. That said, smart water reusable bottles are easily connected to any device via Bluetooth, allowing users to precisely track and monitor their hydration, and also remind them when their water intake is not up to the desired level. 


Pollution, be gone! 

The use of sustainable products enjoys massive popularity in all aspects of life. 

Customers are finally concerned about the well-being of their environment and proactive in sustaining it. This results in increased demand for smart packaged products, and when it comes to sustainable bottle packaging – smart water sizes matter.

Why Smart Water Sizes Matter in Bottles?

Bottle smart water sizes matter based on several factors, like size, purpose, and functionality. 

Whether you’re going for that usual morning run or planning a multiple-hour hike, smart water sizes matter. Reusable smart water bottles are made from polymer, making them light to carry and extremely durable for most situations you will find yourself in. 

Let’s have a look at not only why smart water sizes matter in bottles but what to use each bottle size for.

500ml/16.9 oz

The smallest one on the roster, perfect for small trips and places where you will have reliable drinking water sources. Very light-weighted and easy to carry. This bottle’s average height is 8.5″, making it fit almost everywhere.

700ml/23.7 oz

Little bigger than its ‘sibling’, this medium-sized smartwater bottle is the preferred choice for many people. You will usually see parents sending their kids to school with this bottle in their backpack, as it’s enough for them to pass their school day properly hydrated. The average height of this bottle is 9.25″. 

1000ml/33.8 oz

Definitely the most popular size of them all. Carrying one of these reusable smart water bottles will always make sure you are properly hydrated. This is a great choice for hikers and athletes in general, as their water consumption is higher than the rest and the bottles are very durable. The average height of this smart water bottle is 11.5″, making it a perfect fit for athletes as it doesn’t take up too much space, but still carries the right amount of liquid.

1.500ml/50.73 oz

The biggest of the bunch! Not a very popular size, but still, it has its merits.
This smart water bottle is perfect for hikers going for longer trips where reliable drinking water sources are not an option. Carrying two of these will not leave any hiker dehydrated. The average height is the same as the previous one, 11.5″, but the diameter is considerably bigger. 

Why Smart Bottles Work? smart water bottles offer great advantages to users, including a stylish, durable, and functional design that allows users to connect their smart water reusable bottle to their phone. bottles also come with a cap sensor, thus measuring liquid consumption whilst also reminding users to drink more, whether through beeping, melodies, or flashing LED lights.

Through our app, customers can provide information regarding their age, weight, and hydration goals, and based on this information, our smart bottles will execute a hydration plan intended to meet users’ water intake goals, thus ensuring their optimal health, functionality and performance.