How a mobile app can help you drink more water

How many cups of water have you had today? If you are like most Americans, you probably have no idea but it’s a good bet that it isn’t enough. Over half of the adults in America don’t drink enough water because they don’t track their water consumption, are too busy, or just don’t think about it. One study found that only 22% of adults actually meet the USDA requirements of eight to ten glasses a day.
Most people admit that they just get too busy and don’t think about it, which is easy to do with today’s hectic lifestyle. When you are busy planning everything, it can be easy to forget about planning your water consumption since it is an endless task. This is where a simple mobile app can be a gamechanger.

Reminds You in Even Intervals to Drink

When most people get distracted they forget all types of small and large tasks from making that last phone call to the doctor to where they put their keys. While this app can’t help you find your keys (although there is one for it), there are apps to help you improve your hydration.

These hydration-based mobile apps remind you to consume water at even intervals. For instance, if your goal is 8 cups a day, you may set an app to remind you every two hours while you are awake. Most allow you to personalize the gap between intervals, or you can set your cell phone alarm to handle the task for you. Some of these hydration apps will also ask for extra information that helps personalize the intervals such as the climate you live in and your normal bedtime and morning routine.

Gamification of Drinking

Almost everyone loves a good challenge, which is why so many game-based mobile apps work. These types of apps harvest the motivation of gaming to hydration by encouraging you to reach targets and earn awards. Sometimes applying some innovation is all it takes to up the ante on what may otherwise be a mundane task. Similar to the way a smartwatch or fitness tracker works, you see your hydration level on a daily basis and earn rewards daily while making smart drinking choices. This in turn creates intrinsic motivation that helps maintain the momentum of a healthy drinking pattern.

Manually Track Water Consumption

Other hydration mobile apps exist right now, but they require you to manually track your water consumption along with every other beverage you consume on a daily basis in order to effectively track your water levels. While the idea is good in theory, it also doesn’t address how easy it is to forget to track your drinking progress. If you are too busy to think about drinking, you are probably also too busy to think about recording what you are drinking. While it’s great to view your water drinking history and sync it to your fitness apps, it’s not helpful if the app is not intuitive and requires your active participation.

Meet the Water Consumption App that is a Gamechanger

Constant innovation has led to the creation of the connected smart bottle and its accompanying mobile app which together make tracking and maintaining steady water consumption a simple task. The connected bottle makes use of innovative technology that is able to constantly assess and report the level of water in your bottle to the app. This allows your daily water consumption to be instantly recorded without any attention from you so long as you consume it from your connected bottle.
The intuitive app also creates a personal profile that addresses your needs such as your weight, your height, your physical activity, climate, etc. The app then uses all of the data you input to create a customized hydration goal that reveals how much you really need to drink in order to maintain healthy hydration levels that enhance your health.
The connected bottle and app don’t stop here however, once it formulates how much you need to drink, it sets intelligent reminders that ensure you stay on target throughout the day. Most people don’t need regular intervals to remind them to drink, they need evenly paced reminders that line up with the pace of their day and current activity levels. That is where our mobile apps are game-changers.
If you are worried about your hydration levels, our connected bottle and app are the best way to boost your hydration levels and enhance your health. Chances are you wear a smartwatch on your wrist, carry a smartphone in your pocket, and watch a smart TV in your home. It’s time to take your consumption of smart technology one step further and use innovation to positively impact your health. A smart water bottle is the logical next step, so get ahead of the coming trend and learn how to proactively improve your daily health and wellness with our easy-to-use mobile apps and connected smart water bottle.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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