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Innovative smart bottle technology that will make you stand out from competition

Your Customers Will be Healthier



The platform gets to know the customer and offers tailored recommendations



Increase hydration & health using intelligent reminders



Track and monitor the amount of water consumed

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The Water.io Platform

Water IO

Reusable Water Bottle

An Innovative Bluetooth connected reusable water bottle. The cap measures the liquid level, and blinks as a hydration reminder.

NEW App Water.io

Mobile App

The mobile app coaches the customer to an optimized wellness experience. It offers push notification reminders and a news feed with relevant content.

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Brand Interface

Get to know who your customers are, how they use your product and open a direct communication channel with them.

What's in it for You

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Increase margins with higher price point

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Brand Differentiation

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Satisfied and healthy customers

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Get to know your customers and engage with them

Help Your Customers Hydrate by Using Your App

Water.io offers a white label app with reminders, and coaches the customer through its journey for better health

You Bring the Bottle,

We Bring the Technology

Reusable Bottles Help Save the Planet

Plastic water bottles take up space in landfills, pollute our oceans, and require an incredible amount of resources to produce. Shifting your sales into the sustainable reusable water bottle options will help save the planet.

Research shows that the business case is strong for sustainable products. The environment is so important to shoppers that 72% say they’re buying more environmentally friendly products today than they were five years ago, and 81% say that over the next five years they plan to increase the amount of environmentally friendly goods they buy. What’s more, according to Accenture, more than half of all shoppers say they’re willing to pay a premium for an environmentally friendly version of a product.

Water.io Case Study


Increase in Consumption 

As measured in an 8-week research in Spain.


Adherence to bottle reminders

and 50% adherence to app reminders

7 times a day

Users opened the app


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