Water.io signs development agreement with Bayer

Water.io signs development agreement with Bayer for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Water.io, the Internet of Packaging platform, today announced the signature of a collaboration agreement to develop a smart packaging solution to pharmaceutical packages, supporting patients and caregivers.

“Water.io’s Internet of Packaging platform consistently delivers incremental value to consumers, patients, and their respective caregivers through its unique features. We are excited about forging this new agreement with Bayer, one of the worldwide leaders in the healthcare sector” said Nimrod Kaplan, Founder & CTO of Water.io.

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About the Internet of Packaging by Water.IO

Water.io and its Internet of Packaging platform work in collaboration with leading CPG and pharma companies to deliver great experiences to consumers and patients around the globe. The company invests in improving everyday products, the experience of using them, and promoting the general well-being of the consumer and the services they can receive. Water.io is building a next-generation CRM system for CPG companies, enabling the latter a first-time direct engagement with their consumers.

Water.io was founded in 2015 and its headquarters are based in Israel.

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