3 Innovative Packaging Ideas

Innovative packaging is growing exponentially. Companies are looking to make their products standout and are using packaging design to carve out their own unique identities. Both large and small companies can use innovative and fun packaging ideas to showcase what their brand it all about, what their values are, and how they are different from their competition. Innovative packaging can yield more customers and profits and make a business grow more than it ever has before.

With so many new forms of packaging hitting the market, there seems to be an endless amount of ways a company can use their packaging to express their brand identity. From smart packaging to fun colors to biodegradable options, we will explore the top five best innovative packaging ideas to have hit the market so far.

Reusable Packaging

Many companies are becoming much more conscious about their waste and how it is affecting our environment and the planet. While packaging has mainly been used to simply protect the product or allow for easy shipping and travel, many companies are looking for solutions to make their packaging reusable as well.

One great example of this innovative packaging solution is POM. They make pomegranate drinks that are sweet, tangy, and packed full of nutrition. Many of their teas are packaging in a tall glass container that resembles a drinking glass. The customer removes the lid from the glass and once they have finished the drink the glass is reusable, can go in the washing machine, and can be used as a regular drinking glass for everyday use. This type of packaging can cut down on waste significantly. It also gives the customer a fun and unique experience.

Augmented Food Wrappers

Although there are not too many companies who have created augmented reality food wrappers, Lacta chocolate bars are one of the first to do so. Once you purchase a bar and have downloaded their mobile app, you can create special messages with words and moving pictures that can only be seen through a smartphone.

You can send a family member or friend their special massage. When they hold up their phone to their chocolate bar it can look like the chocolate bar is bursting with hearts and their name may appear on the chocolate bar they are holding in front of them. These types of packaging innovations give customers tons of room to be creative with products they buy and promotes the ideas of connecting with other people.

Unique Shapes and Colors

Although low-tech, you can create a truly eye-catching and innovative package by simply using shapes, colors, patterns, images, and textures to help your product’s package stand out and look like something from the future. Or if you don’t want to look too alien, simple packaging designs that still stand out are a great way to go.

You are looking for a package that makes you unique, hot pink, a pretty shade of lavender, raised bumps on a wine bottle, shimmering labels, pretty font, and unique shaped bottles will all help your product look like something that is truly special. It will make customers want to buy your product and they will also feel special and different buying something that doesn’t look like something else that everyone has.

Smart packaging has also gained heaps of popularity in the last few years and it is only continuing to grow at a steady rate. Smart packaging can mean many different things, but packaging solutions such a smart water bottle caps that clip on to regular water bottles, smart blister pill packs, smart vitamin bottles, and auto-replenishing household products are a few examples of the ways innovative packaging solutions are changing the way to see, use, and buy products.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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