4 Ways Smart Supplement Platforms Increase Sales

Smart supplement platforms are a great way to boost sales by turning occasional consumers into subscribed consumers. Consumers who sign up for the unique program enjoy the ease of automatic refills so their supplement usage turns into an automated process they can check off their to-do list. Brands benefit by cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time they gain access to customer’s consumption habits.

So how does this work? The premise behind a smart supplement platform is simple. Consumers receive a refillable bottle that is linked to a mobile app on their phone. The mobile app records and transmits the level of supplement currently left in the bottle and provides intelligent reminders to the consumer to keep them on track. When it senses that the bottle is nearing completion it automatically processes an order for a new supplement eco-friendly refill bag. The end result is a happy customer who is able to stay on track with their daily health regime, and a company that creates a solid, dependable revenue stream.

1. Automatic Replenishment

The automatic replenishment is one of the highlights of the smart supplement platform for consumers. Once the platform detects that only a few supplements are left, the app will automatically place an order for the next batch. Consumers can choose to be alerted before the new order is processed or can allow it seamlessly replenish their supply in the background so it is one less detail for them to worry about. The brands can choose where the re-order is initiated based on their business preferences. Some brands prefer their own e-commerce store while others prefer Amazon and/or other third-party suppliers.
As highlighted, this instantly creates life-long customers in lieu of one-time customers. Consumers who go to a brick-and-mortar store are more likely to experiment with new brands, but once you sign a consumer up for the smart platform, they are likely to remain loyal to your brand based on simple ease of use. The average consumer loves simplicity, and subscription-based services offer them a value proposition over just function. Instead of being concerned about when to buy their next batch of supplements, the consumer can focus on the benefits of taking their supplements.
In addition, the presence of the branded app on their phone helps create brand familiarity and eventually positive brand emotions which makes it more likely they will recommend the brand to friends. At the same time, as a manufacturer, it will simplify logistics as you will have identified supply and demand instead of estimations.

2. Improve Compliance

One of the largest challenges of the supplement world is convincing consumers to take their supplements regularly. Previously, once a consumer purchased supplements, the brand had no control over their usage. Recommendations on the side of the bottle mean little to busy consumers who forget and therefore don’t reap the full benefits of the product making it less likely they will continue to take the supplement.
However, the smart platform reminds consumers that it is time to take their supplements making it more likely that they will remain compliant and actually reap the benefits intended by the supplement. A happy consumer is a consumer that is likely to encourage others to try your supplement and continue to consume it on their own. Of course, sales will also increase since consumers are using the full monthly amount instead of only a partial amount. Depending on the supplement niche, you could expect to issue 12 replenishment packs in lieu of the 6-8 bottles a customer would have purchased on their own violation in stores.

3. Personalized Offers

It is no secret that the supplement market is over-saturated, so every personalized offer or perk you can offer consumers is one more way you can encourage them to stick with your brand. Smart supplement platforms allow companies to harvest personalized data about each of their consumers so that they can then produce personalized offers tailored to meet the needs of each consumer. The consumer feels valued, and the company can use the data about purchase behavior to create more effective marketing campaigns to entice upsell and cross-sales.
In addition, the presence of the app on mobile devices creates a direct line of communication from the brand to the consumer via app chat and push notifications. Brands with multiple product lines can use this information to offer current subscribers opportunities to expand their daily supplement routines helping brands maximize total sales.

4. Going Sustainable

77% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. 75% of millennials are willing to pay more for environmentally sustainable products.
The transition to eco-friendly refill bags instead of single-use plastic bottles is a strong brand statement. Supplement brands moving away from single-use plastic bottles are strongly demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to supporting the environment, a supplement brand that will leverage this as a marketing message is bound to attract new customers.


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Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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