Brand Protection Tools You Need to Use

Brand protection is a severely overlooked aspect in most business. It is often brushed under the rug and not discussed in the depth is should be.

If you are running your own business, small or large, or need to protect your brand and concept, considering effective brand protection solutions is critical. Brand protection can help protect your reputation and safeguard all aspect of your personal brand.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the top brand protection tools your company and/or brand can use to help keep your company safe and secure from outside threats.


Talkwalker is designed to help protect your company’s reputation. The tool is able to constantly monitor what is being posted and said on your social media accounts. This tool can allow you to flag any negative talk about certain products, customer services experiences, etc., but it can also keep track of the things your customers like.

Talkwalker allows you to monitor your brand awareness and how your company’s messages and post impact people from all around the world.

You are able to monitor and analyze other companies as well. You will have access to over 30,000 other brands and how their social media, brand messages, and other important information are performing. It will allow you to make sure other similar companies and brands are not stealing any of your unique ideas and concepts as well.


If you want your company to easily detect if any of your content has been directly stolen or if it is too similar to your unique content, Copyscape can help.

Today, it is extremely easily for any other company or writer to lift content from your company website or blog and then pass it off as their own. This is hurt your brand’s reputation because others may think you are the one stealing content. People may also think that your content is not unique and interesting, and you will only blend in with other similar companies and nothing will make you stand apart from the crowd.

Copyscape will help your company easily find any plagiarized work by simply imputing your article into the database so their program can search for directly copied and all-to-similar material.

Trademark Check

Your company has lots of special and unique trademark features. These trademarks make you stand apart from your competition and drive customers to your business. But what if your unique trademarks weren’t actually that unique because other companies were stealing those awesome ideas?

Therefore, making sure your brand and your brand’s unique features are trademarked is essential, but often overlooked.

You can use global brand database to check trademark searches by using text and images. It will search through thousands of domestic and international sources to make sure none of your special trademarks are being used or copied by other companies or brands.

Why Brand Protection is So Important

Just as you want to protect your company’s employees, finances, and future, protecting its ideas, reputation, and trademarks are just as important. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you find another brand has been stealing your unique ideas and using them as their own. You are the one that put all of the time, money, and effort into your company’s special features, not the person that stole them.

Using tools like the three we discussed above will help you easily manage and protect all of your brands major assets so none of the above will happen.

With the internet growing and expanding, the opportunity for sinister online threats to occur to business is very high and too many businesses have suffered from loss of revenue and reputation due to this type of malicious activity.

Taking a few simple steps and including some tech savvy tools into your brand protection arsenal can prevent any serious brand protection issues from arising in the future.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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