COVID-19 and the Ease of Purchasing from Home

Shopping online right from your home has never been easier. Consumers have been engaging in online purchasing for years, but that has only increased since COVID-19 has affected most of the globe.

Consumers are purchasing from home more than ever since many have been on lockdown orders, and are still in lockdown, and must practice social distancing. Many consumers do not even have a choice since many retail stores and non-life sustaining businesses must be closed for the time being.

So much of our everyday life through most parts of the world have changed overnight. Everybody has had to figure out how to adjust to our new reality. Thankfully, the ease of purchasing from home has allowed people to retain some normalcy in their lives and they can ensure they have most of life’s sustaining items, another fun thing to do in lockdown. Delivered right to their doors.

Why people are shopping more from home

Purchasing items online and having them shipped to your home has become increasingly popular throughout the years but going through a pandemic has changed the way we shop even more.

We all knew that shopping online and not having to leave the home to go out was convenient and made shopping for certain items much easier. However, consumers have gained a new perspective on how online shopping can impact your life.

When life changes suddenly and we are no longer able to run out to the store whenever we need something without it being stressful or feeling like a hassle, the more people want to stay home.

People need to stay home more to stay healthy and keep others safe, but on the other side the fear or inconvenience of picking up household items at retail locations, where there are many restrictions like having to wear a mask and staying 6 feet away from people at all times, has shifted the way consumers are buying items.

Having the ability to buy everything online like clothes, shoes, sunscreen, food items, water, household cleaners, and anything else you may need an on a daily basis takes the stress out of shopping during such frightening and uncertain times. Consumers are coming into contact with less people and packages are being delivered with proper safety precautions. Delivery drivers are required to wear masks and many of them wear gloves as well, keeping packages clean and sanitary while in transit to your home.

We must also consider the other side of the ease of purchasing goods from home. Since people are stuck at home and don’t have the ability to go out and do as many things, people need to stay busy and entertained. This often means that consumers are buying more things to keep them busy or simply are shopping online to fill a void of lack of activities.

Having the opportunity to shop online at your favorite stores and get comfy clothes shipped to your house is enticing for people during these times. Furthermore, entertainment based items like new TV’s, tablets, puzzles, art supplies, and board games can all easily be delivered to your home as well to keep families entertained. When we have more time on our hands, if people have the ability, they are going to purchase more items to have at home.

Final Thoughts

In the end online shopping has been popular for many years, but it has taken on a whole new meaning since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has begun. Shopping online is easy, generally hassle free, and there is no better convenience than having the things you need delivered right to your doorstep.

It is likely that one the pandemic is over, and life gets fully back to normal around the world, the influx of online shopping is likely to stay. As more people have realized how easy it is to shop online compared to going out to the store, The shift to shopping at home will be our new way of shopping.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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