Different Types of Vitamin Packaging

In today’s world, packaging of goods is just as important as the product inside. Customers want a great product that they love and trust, but they are also looking for a fuller experience all around – and this includes the packaging these products come in.

Even though vitamin packaging may not seem like a big deal, the package types vitamins come in can make all the difference. Traditionally, vitamins have come in sealed bottles. The bottles can feel boring, lackluster, and don’t truly make a customer want to buy and use the product.

If the packaging and marketing of a vitamin brand is fun and appealing, it is much more likely for a customer to not just want to buy the product, but actually use the product on a regular basis as well. And we have seen this happen in the world of vitamins as well.

As the world shifts into a more health and wellness focused society, taking vitamins and supplements has become much more popular. But with that popularity comes competition and it is much harder for companies to sell their products with more competition. Therefore, vitamin packaging has needed to evolve, improve, and get better to keep up with consumer demand.

Creative, fun, and unique vitamin packaging has begun to explode. In this post, we are going to take a deeper look into some of the newest types of vitamin packaging that people today are loving.

Multidose Packaging

One of the most popular types of vitamin packaging that has gained ample traction in the last few years is multidose vitamin packaging. This typically means that customers can go onto a website, take a quiz on things they want to improve or focus on in their health, and then an algorithm generates the vitamins and supplements recommended for each health concern.

The customer can choose which vitamins they want, or approve all of the, and the company will then send out all the correct pills and dosages to the customer in individual packets. People love this form of packaging because it is convenient, they can take it on the go, all the vitamins are in one pouch.

There is not more need to open tons of different pill bottles or sort vitamins into pill organizers. It takes the guessing game and the hassle out of taking vitamins and supplements and that is what customers are looking for these days.

Stick Packs

Another popular way to take vitamins and supplements is actually not in pill form but in the form of stick packs. Stick packs are usually a combination of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that come in powder form in small tube-like packs. You will generally mix them into water, tea, or coffee, and drink as normal.

Sometimes taking pills in the morning is still too much of a hassle or customers are looking for something tasty to sip on during the day that contains loads of health benefits and vitamins and stick packs are the answer.

This form of packaging is appealing because these sticks generally come in fun and tasty flavors, taste great and get people excited to take vitamins. The ability to rip open a packet, dump in some water, shake and drink is the ultimate convenience.


Another form of vitamin packaging we are beginning to see pop up is pill pouches instead of plastic pill bottles. This is becoming more popular and common for a few reasons.

Pouches are a great solution for reducing the plastic waste throughout the world. When people begin to take vitamins, they will typically keep up the practice for a long time. Constantly replacing vitamin bottles with new plastic bottles creates a lot of plastic waste.

Therefore, pouches are typically made out of eco-friendly materials and other sustainable options that make this type of packaging much greener.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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