Edible Packaging

You can now take packaging to a whole new level with edible food packaging. Yes, this is packaging that you can actually eat after you take your product out of the package! If you think this sounds like something from the future that is not at all possible, you would be wrong. Edible packaging exists today, and it is beginning to gain more traction and popularity as the world and many companies make the shift to be a bit greener and more eco-friendly.

The shift to edible packaging has increased in popularity due to the staggering amount of waste and trash produced throughout the world every single day. It is affecting the future of our planet in a negative way and something must be done to rectify such a massive issue.

One of the biggest industries that produce massive amounts of waste in the food industry. From boxes to plastic bags to wrappers to cans to paper and so much more, almost all of our food products come in some form of packaging. Most of the time, that packaging is made from plastic or other non-biodegradable materials. At some point, most of these packages will wind up in landfills, parks, oceans, and other places around the planet.

Edible food packaging that you eat when you are done with your product is one way to solve that waste issues in the food industry. If you can eat the package your food comes in there will, of course, be no waste!

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular forms of edible packaging.


Notpla has designed packaging that you can eat to take care of the plastic problem we are facing all around the world. The flexible, biodegradable, and edible packaging is made for sauces and beverages. To make the packaging a special combination of seaweed and plants are used to create small packs to hold the liquids that are being packaged. If the package is not eaten it will biodegrade in four to six weeks.

Although it may sound a little funky, there are actually some great uses for these edible sachets that make things convenient for people on-the-go. Sachets of water can be handed out at races, fairs, and other outdoor events where water is needed. Instead of giving away free water bottles, these sachets of water can be easily taken and drunk on-the-go without any waste.

Everyone gets food and takeout at least a few times per month. You generally get little plastic cups or packets of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, etc. with your meals. This can create a lot of plastic waste, but the edible sachet filled with these sauces will eliminate the waste associated with to-go food and sauce packets.

Do Eat

Do Eat is a company founded in Belgium that has found a way to create edible packaging made from potato starch and water. These food packages are meant to package items such as sandwiches, cookies, bagels, pastries, and other types of individually wrapped foods. The packaging is vegetarian and gluten-free as well. If you choose not to eat the wrapping or packaging on the food product then the package is also biodegradable.

These edible packages can be used in most types of foods and the packaging itself is neutral in flavor, so it can be paired with sweet, savory, sour, and spicy foods. You have the ability to order these food wrappers as a regular customer as well. If you are throwing a party at home and want to not just cut down on your plastic waste, but also have a lot less clean up after your party, these Do Eat food wrappers are your ideal solution.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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