How Human Life Will Change When Everything is Connected

Along with physical, tangible advancements like 3D printing, the world continues to advance behind the scenes as well, advancements that aren’t constantly in our foresight.

Ever wonder what the world will be like when technology advances to the point where everything we do is automated and connected with other people, machines, robots, and intelligent systems? As a society, we are continually fascinated with advances being made in medicine, cars, space exploration, healthcare or the latest and greatest tech gadgets once thought unachievable.

Take 3D printing for instance. Did you ever think you could purchase a 3D printer and print nearly any object you wanted right in the comfort of your own home? Did you ever believe scientists and doctors could print hearts, lungs, and other vital organs for people who needed transplants? We are currently living in an era where we will become more and more advanced, by the day, and we will start to see even more incredible and unfathomable advancements that will help us in every aspect of our lives.

Along with physical, tangible advancements like 3D printing, the world continues to advance behind the scenes as well, advancements that aren’t constantly in our foresight.

The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is one of those “hidden” advancements. To this day, many people still are completely unaware IoE or any other variations – like Internet of Medical Things or Web of Everything. Many have never heard the term, and unfamiliar with its purpose, or don’t know what the IoE will do for our future. Therefore these advancements are flying under the radar, but making huge strides and changing the way we will be living in the near future.

A Connected Economy

Conservatively, the IoE is believed to exceed about 100 billion connected devices all over the world by 2025 – that’s only a mere 10 years from now. Each device will have numerous sensors and/or other connection systems, which will funnel copious amount of data into storage for analysis and study…most likely by artificial intelligences. The economy is the driving force behind every nation. With so many devices able to collect and interpret data, the economy will boom throughout the world if used correctly. According to Cisco, the company believes the Internet of Everything will generate $19 trillion dollars alone. Imagine what that could do for economies around the world.

A Connected Knowledge Database

Again, with billions of devices collecting data 24/7, we will possess a never-ending amount of information on just about everything. Data will be collected and analyzed through cell phones, activity trackers, drones, planes, TV’s, smart water bottles, medical device wearables, smart clothing, cars, cameras, satellites, and so much more. An endless amount of information will be available right at your fingertips. You will have to ability to find the answers to anything you need or want to know.

A Connected Healthcare System

Will regular checkups at the doctor’s office become seldom or obsolete? Will we be able to get diagnosed within the comfort of our own home? Will we be able to treat an illness with never leaving the house or stepping foot inside a hospital? With connected devices, wearable, and highly advanced Artificial Intelligence systems (AI’s), we may never have to.

Connected wearables will be able to tell us (and our doctor) when we are about to get sick and apps will allow us to get medications directly to our doorsteps. Robots will perform advanced surgery so human error will never kill another patient. New organs will be printed for patients in the same day. With such advancements, we will live in a world where healthcare is cheaper, more effective, and far more efficient.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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