How Connected Packaging Reshapes Marketing

Smart Packaging is intelligent or connected packaging offering additional benefits that go beyond the mere packaging task. By intelligence, we mean a package that essentially results from communication with the outside world. It’s an innovative way for CPG brands to connect with consumers, to let them know that they understand what their needs and wants are. With Internet of Things (IoT) expanding, CPG brands have connected households through their products.

Several benefits await brands when they take advantage of connected packaging, especially in the marketing aspect. It reveals how the product is used which can help to develop better product-market fit, usage analysis can better support personalized marketing promotions and campaigns, auto-replenishment improves brand loyalty and increases sales for the brand.

Examples of Marketing Campaigns using Connected Packaging

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tech-Savvily Confirms Age Authenticity

Johnnie Walker Whisky took advantage of smart technology for ensuring the authenticity of Johnnie Walker Whisky bottles. Through OpenSense NFC tags, they can directly communicate with customers by connecting with their smartphones.

By directly communicating with customers, they can keep them engaged and enhance their experience. At the same time, it helps them nurture customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. When counterfeiting is addressed, customers will be more than likely to buy a Johnnie Walker Whisky as they are certain it is authentic.

Select Absolut Vodka Bottles Feature Shazam to Unlock New Content

Absolute Vodka paired with the Shazam app for a unique engaging experience. The app is paired with Absolut vodka bottles featuring a specially designed tag with visual recognition technology. Shazam not only recognizes song lyrics but can also scan vodka tags and allow users to access free brand content such as cocktail recipes and other important information encouraging more interaction.

This is a good marketing strategy for improving customer relationships and establishing the brand as an industry leader by providing helpful content to the consumers. When distributed to the right audience, it can attract and convert more sales.

This City Farm Shop Concept Features Only Hyper-Local Produce

The app connected to the store will take consumers’ right to the source. When scanned, it can provide comprehensive information about each product including its origin (where it is harvested).

This city farm also incorporated the store design with its products. It’s equipped with brick walls, chalkboards and other elements that contribute to a rustic feel.

Providing detailed and helpful information to users is an effective marketing strategy for creating brand awareness and more credibility. Customers are more likely to buy products from businesses that they can trust.

The Message in a Bottle Campaign Allows You to Attach Videos to Bottles

Argentinian beer company Andes partnered with Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi to develop a “Message in a Bottle” campaign for their users. Each bottle is equipped with a QR code that is used for recording a short message intended to the recipient. The message is assigned to the bottle and the recorded message plays on the recipient’s smartphone after scanning the code.

This clever marketing strategy takes advantage of the user’s emotions (in the form of a message) to attract and encourage the audience to buy more. Hence, their message “it’s easier to say it with Andes.” The user can say anything he wants to the intended recipient. It can be a happy or exciting message that will surely elicit a response. That response could be to get another bottle of beer and record another message.

Milka’s Christmas Calendar is Interactive

Milka worked with Taxi Studio to incorporate a traditional Christmas calendar with technology. Targeting kids, the calendar is full of treats including playful shapes like snowmen and candy canes to take kids on a colorful journey leading to Christmas. Its goal is to make sure that there is something to look forward to for the entire month of December.

This marketing strategy targets parents through the kids in the form of interactive games and activities. It also targets anyone excited for Christmas. This can keep customers engaged and possibly increase more sales.


Connected packaging has huge potential in becoming a common tool for marketing. Through convenient, easy to use and “connected” packaging, CPG brands are able to introduce solutions, address challenges and ensure that buyers get the most from their investment. It creates a meaningful relationship between the customer and brand, and helps achieve a competitive advantage. You get more leverage with connected packaging – it makes your brand stand out from the competition. Everything brands are looking for today, it’s just a matter of opening your mind to new ideas and new technology.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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