How to Stand Out in a Crowded Reusable Bottle Market

The global health community continues to awaken to the environmental horrors of disposable plastics. As a result, many new products are in continual development, including reusable bottles. A myriad of designs, features, and internal materials are being offered across the globe, all vying for dominance in the markets. To compete in this rapidly expanding market, the producer must differentiate from the others and shine above the mix. Here are some powerful ways to make your business stand out:

1. Improve the User Experience

One way to differentiate your business  is by improving the user experience. Evaluate the current market to see what is working, and build on the best features. Consider the overall experience from the customer point of view, and realize what it would take to expand on the most desirable aspects of the current reusable bottles. Take an example from when Apple launched the iPhone. The smartphone market was in its infancy, with a multitude of features and promises all scattered in disarray. Apple gleaned the highlights of the technology, added some creative innovation of their own, and developed a line of products with powerful connectivity and deeply intuitive operation. By enhancing the user experience, Apple captured the market and established itself as a leader in the industry.

2. Personalize Your Offering

As the marketplace continues to implement highly advanced technologies, the customer experience becomes extensively personalized and intuitive. Creating a shopping environment where each customer is recognized in detail, evaluated by their history, and offered a customized response opens the doors for a deeper, more personal experience for every client. Information technologies allow a business today to harvest and process immense amounts of data on every customer quickly and efficiently. A case in point is Persona, an industry leader in vitamins and supplements. Every customer completes a detailed questionnaire documenting health history, diet, lifestyle, and medications. Persona’s massive database of information matches the customer and their details to a customized set of recommended supplements, designed to meet the needs while avoiding conflicts with prescription medications.

3. Lead in Customer Support

Nothing builds a brand quicker than outstanding customer support. Making the consumer feel wanted and appreciated creates a foundation on which long-term, sustainable business is built. Nurturing a retail environment with that level of power requires dedication, and immersed commitment from every member of the company. Shoe retailer Zappos is a great example of this type of development. The entire company embraces a set of core values including embracing change, sparking individual creativity, positivity, honest relationships, and passionate service which inspires every employee to personalize their work through expression. The result is an environment where the customer can sense the excitement, experience the passion, and commit to a positive business relationship that brings them back every time. Once they know you care, they’ll be drawn to your business like a flame.

4. Build a Strong Brand

In today’s volatile marketplace, creating a strong brand is the first major cornerstone of a successful business. Having a corporate personality and commercial identity will differentiate your reusable bottles, making them consistently desirable and instantly recognizable to the consumer. Once society sees your business as an entity with a pleasant character instead of a heartless, cold factory, customers will open their hearts to you as well as their pocketbooks, and become emotionally attached. Coca-cola is an example of a solid, well-established brand that continually reaches the hearts of the people. Their ads are creative and inspiring, connecting to the public on an individual, personal level. The Coca-Cola logo and label design are peppered throughout the world, leading their industry in consumer recognition. Strong brands sell.


These tips and examples can help any enterprise stand out in the markets and garner its share of the industry. Of course, every company is different, so it’s crucial that every business perform due diligence and run valid market research before implementing any company strategies. It’s also widely recognized that adding a dedicated, aspirational team member to the staff can open the doors of creativity to spur the team to greatness and lead the processes to commercial success.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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