How to Track Your Vitamin Intake

Although vital to our health, managing to track vitamin intake properly can be a struggle. 

Tracking our vitamin intake is hard without using additional support. Without the ability to calculate the nutritional value of our food, monitoring our vitamin intake is mostly done through third parties. 

There’s no doubt that modern times and emerging technologies have provided us with a plethora of nutrition apps, which make this process considerably easier. You take out your smartphone, download an app, and start using it – simple as that.

Calculating vitamin intake might seem like an outdated process, but is excruciatingly relevant for all, especially vegans, bodybuilders, and those following a strict diet. 

To properly track vitamin intake, single-handedly and without any third-party assistant is second to impossible. 

Below, we cover all angles – from determining your recommended vitamin dosage to tracking vitamin intake accurately. 

Why are Vitamins Essential to Our Health?

Taking vitamins is just as essential to our bodies as taking minerals and nutrients. Vitamins are in charge of keeping our bodies functioning and performing at a high level and are basically in control of the daily energy we have. Vitamins promote vitality and ensure healthy ageing by protecting the muscles, bones, and tissues in men, women, and seniors. Plus, vitamins act as antioxidants and protect the cells from various environmental perils. Every vitamin serves its own purpose, and sometimes, multivitamins can be efficient in helping you meet various bodily needs.

Even so, monitoring the intake of your vitamins is essential, as you don’t want to exceed or reduce your daily amount.

Which Vitamins to Take and for What?

If you want to track your vitamins right, you first need to know their purpose and use.

While your system might produce certain vitamins in higher amounts, it neglects others, so you’ll need to find a suitable balance in taking all vitamins equally.

Depending on what your body needs, here are the different vitamins you might take and their benefits:  

  • Vitamin A:  also known as retinol, vitamin A ensures healthy skin, soft tissues, membranes, teeth, and bones.
  • Vitamin B complex: these vitamins strengthen the metabolism and energize the body.
  • Vitamin C: supports immunity, repairs cell damage, and cleanses the body from toxins and free radicals.
  • Vitamin D: a vitamin essential for healthy joints, muscles, bones and skin, co-dependent on calcium.
  • Vitamin E: an oxidant that is essential to healthy and vital skin.
  • Vitamin K: prevents blood coagulation and strengthens the bones.
  • Niacin: aka vitamin B3 keeps the nerves in great shape and improves the skin.  
  • Folate: folic acid plus B9 improve the function of red blood cells and protect the DNA structure.  

Choosing the Recommended Vitamin Dosage

Before you begin tracking your daily vitamin intake, you will need to know your optimal dosage. As these requirements differ in men, women, and even athletes, here is a little guide on the recommended dosage for each vitamin.

  • Vitamin A: 700mcg/day for women; 900mcg/day for men;
  • Vitamin B complex: 425 mg/day for women; 550mg/day for men;
  • Vitamin C: 75mg/day for women; 90mg/day for men;
  • Vitamin D: 15mcg/day for consumers aged 1-70; 20mcg/day for consumers aged 70 and older;
  • Vitamin E: 22.4IU/day or 15mg/day for men and women;
  • Vitamin K: 122 mcg for women and 138 mcg for men;
  • Niacin: 14mg/day for women; 16mg/day for men;
  • Folate: 400mg/day for men and women;

Before starting your supplement tracking journey, it is crucial that you consult a physician, who will better personalize your needs and determine a suitable vitamin and supplement dosage plan. 

Now, let’s track your intake – the smart way!

How to Track Vitamin Intake?

When manual vitamin intake fails, turn to smart technological solutions to help you track your vitamin intake. Smart vitamin tracking devices, such as, track the amounts of supplements and vitamins you take, so you can rest assured you are following your recommended dosage.

Why Offer Smart Caps to Your Customers? 

Because this technology makes tracking your vitamin intake easier than ever before! 

Thanks to our smart tracking caps, you can now manage your vitamin intake accurately and efficiently. features a smart cap that is connected to your app via Bluetooth, counting the times your smart bottle has been opened or closed. This smart technology sends various smart notifications to consumers, reminding them to take their vitamins on time and in a personalized manner. offers additional help for users in customizing their intake experience and enabling them to rely on personalized push notifications.
Following your predetermined nutrition plan, this cutting-edge tech ensures you have both taken your vitamins on time and in accordance with your set goals.

Our smart caps track your actual vitamin intake, and are perfect to use when managing your daily nutrition levels, whilst serving as smart reminders that never let your body get nutrient deficient!

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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