Hydration and Water Tracking Apps

We all know that water is one of the most important nutrients in our bodies, but despite this knowledge, it’s easy to forget to drink.

Dehydration is a prevalent problem in the United States, yet it’s easily solved. In fact, grocery stores and retailers realize their customers are probably thirsty most of the time they’re shopping, which is why one of the last things you see in the line when you’re paying is a display featuring various drinks. If you’re drinking for health purposes, you know it’s best to go for the water bottles in this situation, instead of reaching for a sugary, high-calorie drink.

As health-conscious consumers, we need to be aware of how much water we need to drink, but it’s easy to forget to hydrate as we go about our daily lives. Water is simply the best of all hydration drinks out there. Because it’s sugar-free, it’s easy on the kidneys and urinary tract. It’s Mother Nature’s best drink for hydration, and a necessity for survival for countless species on earth.

A Few Simple Drinking Water Facts

Everyone is different, and so are our hydration needs. Millions of Americans rely on getting their daily water intake from bottles. In fact, the average American consumes about 167 bottles of water a year, which is about a bottle of water every other day. Yet they still may not be able to reach their ideal water intake on a daily basis. Some water tracking apps are available to remind users to stay hydrated, yet few of these apps take into account the weather, season, or the need for water intake by weight. In other words, many of the tracking apps out there, especially water intake apps, leave much to be desired when trying to get a picture of their overall health.

What Kind of Tracking Apps are Available for Hydration?

If you are trying to optimize your hydration levels, one of the top free apps to help you on your way would be a tracking app that monitors your hydration. The best tracking app may depend on your personal needs; but if you’re looking to track your water intake daily, you’ll want to seek out a water-tracking app. There are many free apps out there for Androids and IPhone users and you can usually find them in your app store. Free apps for reminding you to drink are plentiful, and these tracking apps can help you maintain or increase your water intake daily. You can use the app to monitor your drinking habits when you drink bottled water or free drinking water from the tap.

Many free apps for cell phones, such as fitness apps, are available to let you know that you’re in need hydration, but there are few real-time drinking water apps available with sophisticated capabilities. If you’re looking for more than an app that reminds you to drink water, then it may be time to try a smart bottle solution. Paired with a water intake app or water tracking app, users can rely on accurate reminders to let them know when to drink, depending on individual circumstances such as the local weather, their height, age and weight, and physical activity level.

Transforming Water Bottles into Smart Bottles Through Proprietary Drinking App

We are here to change the way people hydrate by making disposable bottles into smart bottles. There are two versions of our smart cap technology available; a standalone cap, unconnected to any outside systems that keep track of when it is removed from the bottle, and a second version that connects to the Internet and records information on users’ water drinking habits.

If you’ve been looking through hydration tracking apps only to be disappointed, the Water.IO app may be the solution you seek to transform the way you hydrate for better health. It functions similarly to wearable products like the Fitbit fitness device bracelet, which records a user’s physical activity, and other body apps that help users be pro-active about their health. The “connected” Water.IO cap will take into account customers’ personal information like weight, age, and sex in order to determine when and how much they need to drink. Users will be able to monitor the information through an app on their smartphones and decide when rehydration drinks are necessary for optimal health.

What else can the app do? The drinking app will also be able to engage with other platforms and products, even your favorite exercise tracking app, such as Fitbit. The take the other data into account, giving users the overall picture of their hydration and how it relates to other health matters. Users will get insights on their hydration, and can set the smart cap for reminders, but otherwise will not need to change their behavior. Much more than just a free water your body app; the Water.IO app is a habits app, meant to transform the users’ lifestyle into one of optimal hydration with minimal fuss. It works in the background and only alerts users when it’s time to hydrate.

As a drinking water app, this “water your body app” can be adapted to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle and use account customers’ personal information. The hydration suggestions will take into account the water users need by weight, age, and sex in order to determine when and how much they need to drink. Like other objects in the “internet of things”, users will be able to monitor the information through an app on their smartphones, putting powerful information into their hands.

Hydration is a Lifelong Health Habit

We know that even as technology evolves, our basic needs as humans stay the same. Our apps can be adapted to fit with other fitness track apps and other free apps for monitoring your body and health. The smart caps we produce can be adapted to any bottle manufacturer’s needs, and the app can be cobranded for beverage companies to use. If you’re interested in learning more about how our smart cap technology can help you and your customers reach your optimal goals, please feel free to contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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