Internet of Things in Sports

The Internet of Things has infiltrated itself into almost every aspect of our lives

The Internet of Things has infiltrated itself into almost every aspect of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, and sports are no different. Athletes strive for perfection in practice and during games, so what if there was an actual way to help athletes come as close to perfection as possible?

Technological advancements and the IoT have joined forces in recent years to give players and teams a competitive advantage. There is a slew of fitness trackers, performance recorders, apps, and devices that help athletes, professional or recreational, improve their game, performance, and abilities.

Below we will take a look at a few companies and products that are putting IoT into sport and fitness related products, devices, and apps.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketbal

A basketball with tons of tiny sensors built right into the ball is sure to help you swoosh the ball through the net more often. It comes in men and women’s sizes. The sensors help keep track of dribbling and shots and that data is sent back to its designated app. Inside of the app, that data is analyzed and the app will then tell you what you need to work on and what you are doing well.

If you really want to improve your game you can also purchase their SmartNet, which keeps track of your shots, records data, and analyzes that data in an app as well.

Shockbox Sports Helmet Sensors

There is nothing more important in sports than safety. Without safety equipment, players would be prone to make injuries – minor and significant. Therefore, IoT has made huge strides in creating protective gear to help keep players in many different sports, safe. Shockbox is a helmet with sensors that feed real-time data and information to an app.

The helmet sends information like how many times a player has been hit, how hard the impact was, and so son. This information allows coaches to better assess when a play has possibly suffered a concussion if they should sit out the rest of the game, and visit the ER.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record-Equipped Sneaker

Under Armor is known for their awesome athletic and workout gear and clothes and these high-tech running sneakers don’t disappoint. These sneakers can track your stride, steps, and workout minutes. Like most other smart sports equipment these sneakers connect to an app where you can view the stats – GPS, duration of a workout, distance run, and splits are only some of the data recorded by these smart running shoes.

These sneakers help professional runners keep precise track of their goals. SpeedForm sneakers are also a great tool for recreational runners keep track of their progress and see the things they need to improve to become a better runner.

Wilson X Connected Football

Much like the 94Fifty basketball, the Wilson X Connected Football helps keep track of throwing performance. The sensor in the football keeps track of throwing speed, spin, spiral efficiency, distance was thrown, how many catches you make, and a number of drops in a game.

All of the information is sent to an app where the data is recorded. You can play five specified games and see where you rank compared to other players!

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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