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IoT - Smart & Connected Experience

Along with physical, tangible advancements like 3D printing, the world continues to advance behind the scenes as well, advancements that aren’t constantly in our foresight.

IoT plays a huge role in digital transformation services across all industries. When you think about it, nearly every piece of technology we used is connected in some way and that all requires the use of IoT.  We have connected homes, fitness devices, phones, computers, dog collars, robot vacuums, and so much more. Therefore, it is obvious the next step to transforming businesses with digital services is to use more IoT tech.

But how?

Of course, there are companies that build their entire business around an IoT-based device. For instance, Nest is an actual IoT smart device that can control the temperature of your home and you have control over even when you are not home. There are multiple home security companies that also have smart home security systems that are fully built around IoT.

However, there are plenty of ways the regular companies that are not built around an IoT product can use IoT to digitally transform their business as well. IoT can provide a wide variety of benefits to any type of company in the following ways outlined below.

Customer Experience

IoT has a lot to do with helping to provide better customer experience as well as a more tailored experience for customers. Through the use of connected devices and products, a company is able to gain valuable data directly from their customers. From there, the data that was collected can be analyzed and then used to great an even better customer experience that is often personalized to each customer.

For instance, a smart water bottle can track a person’s hydration habits and all of the data that is collected is also stored in an app and sent back to the company. From there, the company is able to see how active a customer is, how much they drink, when they drink, if they don’ drink enough, and so much more. The company can then take that analyzed data and send the customer personalized recommendations based on their daily habits. It provides even more value to the customer, but also benefits the company. In an effort to draw more revenue, the company can suggest other products or services they feel can benefit the customer while also making more money.

Lower Operating Costs

If you have a physical office, warehouse, etc. there are operating costs associated with it. From lighting to heating and cooling to water, operating costs can get pricy. But with the implementation of IoT-based energy solutions, you can dramatically reduce operating costs and save a generous amount of money to put into areas of your business that directly involve growth and change. These energy solutions that utilize IoT can help track all types of usage and operating costs to help better manage where all the energy and money is going. For example, if you have a large corporate office there will inevitably be meeting rooms and offices that are not always occupied every day all day long. A smart system could monitor when people are generally in the room and when they are not, so the air only comes on when there are people in the meeting room. This can help cut costs associated with utilities.

Increased Employee Productivity

Companies are always looking for solutions to make their employees more productive on a regular basis. IoT can help with that! When employees are able to use system and software that are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, they are going to feel productive and empowered in all the right ways.

Taking complexity out of hard to use and clunky system will encourage them to do things efficiently and correctly. Connected systems that can be used in a mobile deice, laptop, or desktop from anywhere in the world can also keep employees connected to their work during the work week, so they can have more freedom to work from where they want, whether that be in the office, at home, or halfway across the world.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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