Packaging Trends for 2020

With 2020 only five months away, people are already beginning to discuss and wonder what this new year is going to offer, particularly in the smart packaging industry. Smart, intelligent, and active packaging has become a huge market and it is only growing more rapidly by the day.

With many private companies beginning to tap into this market and huge corporations spending millions of dollars in the smart packaging world, we are bound to see some pretty fascinating and smart trends in 2020.

Competition in the industry and between companies is fueling these technological advancements and everyone aims to remain relevant and ahead of the curve. Companies must always be innovating and doing things better if they want to remain successful and see growth in their business. While have a solid product, great marketing, and reliable and friendly customer service is a must, having packaging that is unique, thoughtful, and useful is equally as important.

Customers are looking to have a unique, personalized, and interactive experience when they buy a product and that includes the package said product comes in.

In this post, we will explore some of the top trends we are likely to see in the packaging in the upcoming year of 2020 and why they are so important to the smart packaging world.

Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Customers are becoming more and more concerned and aware of the issue our world is facing when it comes to waste and plastic. People are recycling more, wasting less, and trying to buy products that come in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Since there conscious efforts on the rise, companies and manufacturers are seeking new ways to reduce their waste, use of plastic, and find green solutions for packaging.

Along with finding more eco-friendly packaging materials, companies are also likely to try to use smaller plastic packages in an effort to reduce their waste and plastic consumption. Many governments around the world are also initiating taxation programs to stop how much waste is brought to landfills. This will force companies to recycle their packages more responsibly so not as much plastic and waste is winding up in landfills.

Glass Bottles

Going along with the eco-friendly packaging trend, glass bottles are predicted to continue to see growth as well. People see glass as an eco-friendly alterative to plastic. Glass is also reusable, harms the ocean and ocean life less, and uses no chemicals liners or plastic.

We will likely see more glass bottle options popping up everywhere. Glass water bottles, glass beverage bottles, and perhaps even glass soap dispensers will become an increasingly popular packaging trend.

A Focus on Millennials

In North America alone, millennials purchase more then $200 billion worth of goods alone. That is a massive amount of purchasing power and influence on the market. With so much power, a major shift to focus on the priorities of millennials is likely to happen.

Millennials have multiple connected devices with internet, so making product packaging that can connect with these deceives and to the internet is imperative. Millennials want a personalized and engaging experience when they buy a new item and that includes engagement with the package itself as well. Functional packaging and smart packaging will increase. Scannable codes, voice activation, packaging that connects with smartphone apps, and much more will all become commonplace for most goods.

Manufactures will have to keep up with this quickly-changing demand and find ways to make product packaging even better and smarter. New technologies and better ways to making smart packaging is a must to stay relevant and attract customers to purchase their goods.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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