Personalized Food: How Nutrition is Changing

Just about everything we are seeing today is personalized. People love items they feel are specifically tailored to them and are special in some way. Having something that is unique and different is appealing and is more attractive to many customers than simply getting a generic makeup color or shirt that everyone else has.

The food and nutrition industry are no different. With so many more people focused on healthy lifestyles, eating better, and trying to eat a diet that is best for their goals, health, and bodies, personalized food and nutrition is booming more than ever before.

We are beginning to recognize there is no one-size fits all when it comes to diet and healthy eating. Everyone’s body is so unique and different we cannot eat all the same way and expect the same results. Some people can eat refined sugar and white bread all day and still have a six pack, while others will retain tons of water and store fat in places they do not want.

With such staggering differences, personalized nutrition and food is a necessity in today’s world and has become a trendy industry that people cannot get enough of.

Below are some examples of the best and most interesting personalized food and nutrition concepts that are proving people can change their lives and bodies with technology aimed at complete personalization.

The Habit

This San Francisco startup is generating a massive amount of buzz around there very personalized nutrition and food plans. Their goal is to ensure that people are achieving their health and fitness goals based on how their own body works. People who choose to use this company are required to submit blood samples to the company for review.

Based on the results of their bloodwork, a team is able to develop a personalized food plan. Customers even have the option to have a team of chefs prepare and deliver meals tailored with their food plan.

Food Marble

Have you ever heard of a personal digestive tracker? Likely you have not, but FoodMarble is aiming to change that. Their little device is called Aire and it is designed for people who are suffering from digestive issues and are having trouble getting to the root of the cause. Aire will help identify the foods that are causing the digestive discomfort, so the user can eliminate those trigger foods from their diet.

Patients will take a breath test, which measures how much gas they have in their body. From there, the information is sent to their special app where it is analyzed by their system. The app is able to test how the patient’s gut will react to certain common trigger foods like lactose, carbs, fructose, and more.

Once the app knows what the issues are, it will help create a personalized food plan, so the individual can have better digestion and less discomfort.

DNA Nudge

This fascinating United Kingdom startup company aims to take a person’s DNA and their specific genetic makeup and how they how to go food shopping and cook meals based on their DNA.

People who choose to go with this highly personalized root have to submit a swab of their cheek, which contains DNA. The results are evaluated in their lab and results will show which foods people should buy and which they should not.

Their system takes things even further and allows a person to scan the barcode of an item at the grocery store. DNA Nudge’s app will let the person know if the choice is approved, or if not, the app will recommend an alternative option.

Although these examples of personalized food are more technologically advanced and more extreme than some other options, it is likely these types of personalized food and nutrition pan will become increasingly popular in the years to come. However, as with all advancement, the issue of privacy, especially when DNA and genetics are in the game, become a greater issue we do not yet know how to solve.

More refinement and safety precautions will need to be smoothed out before these types of services will gain more momentum.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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