Plastic Packaging Technologies: Everything You Need to Know

Plastic Packaging Technologies: Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days of boring, generic, and valueless plastic packaging

In the most basic sense, the only use for plastic packaging is to keep whatever product it is covering and holding, protected. Beyond protecting the item, the plastic adds little value or function. With technology continuing to advance in our world, we were bound to develop plastic packaging products that are more advanced than we ever thought possible…and we have! Let’s take a further look into packaging technology from Plastic Packaging Technology LLC.

Clever Packaging Designs

We never really think about the design of the plastic packaging our food, drinks, or personal care products come in. However, a lot of technology, design features, and thought are used to develop optimal packaging that holds specific items. If a bag of dog food came in a bag that couldn’t stand up on its own or be resealed tightly, then the bag would be useless and dysfunctional. The products and food bags we encounter every day, are carefully crafted for ease of use, efficiency, and freshness.

Single-Web Quad Bags

These bags, designed by Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC, have more power, purpose, and function then one could ever conjure up. These bags feature a hermetic seal used for lengthening self-life and preventing bug and critter infestations. This quad bag also elevates the structure integrity and prevents the bag from puncture holes and increases durability. This feature is particularly important for items that will be used on a day-to-day basis for an extended period of time such as your bag of dog or cat food!

A sliding closure with end clip makes the bag easy to open and close, while little perforations in the bag material allow to the content of the bag to breath and forces air to release from the bag for freshness purposes.

The actual design of the bag has four sides making it stable enough to stand on its own and not tip over easily.

Laser Scoring Tear Notches and Micro Perforations

Have you ever bought a product that has little notches cut out from the top sides of the bag for easy opening? Or had a perforated tear guides to make a plastic bag of food easier to open? Well, that’s all technology that has been developed for consumer needs.

The little notches help the consumer easily open a bag and tear a clean line. Additionally, micro perforations are these for better ventilation for the food product inside. The micro perforations are also used for bagged products that rely on smell and aromatics to help sales. Some products use aromatic marketing to attract a customer to buy the product. Therefore, micro-perforation technology allows the aromatics of the product to release from the bag, which in return attracts the customer.

Die-Cut Single Handle

A die-cut single handle is a little moon shaped cutout on the top side of a plastic bag uses for aiding in transport and dispensing a product.

Indirect Venting

This is similar to micro perforations and ads in air evacuation from the bag, but indirect ventilation increases product filling rates and helps efficiency.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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