How to Recognise Reliable Supplement Brands?

In terms of both health and nutrition, choosing a reliable supplement brand is a must.
The fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not test vitamins before they hit the market makes finding suitable and healthy ones even more challenging. 

What separates beneficial supplements from over-the-counter ones? How can you tell whether a supplement is good enough to work for your health? 

Stay tuned as we explore the factors that ensure the quality, effects, and health benefits of carefully chosen supplements.


Prices Do Not Define Quality 

Supplement prices have long held a key role in determining a product’s quality.
However, that is not entirely the case, as a higher product price does not always indicate safe-to-use supplements. Differentiating between expensive brands selling supplements for profits and quality ones is far more important than paying big for an ineffective product. In choosing the best supplement brand for you, proper research is due. While many believe higher costs mean more quality products, the scientific background and testing of the supplements are far more important than pricing. 


A Stamp of Approval 

Most often, a stamp of approval from United States Pharmacopeia, NSF International, or ConsumerLab guarantees users they are getting the most effective, safe, and top-grade supplements. Before making a decision, check the label of your supplement package for these marks, thus facilitating your decision-making process and choosing wisely. Another thing you can do is to visit respective brand websites, where you can find plenty of information on their top-quality products and their effects. Dietary supplements unapproved by valid organizations might be equally good, but to be on the safe side, always choose quality over offers and look for that third-party verification.


To stay on top of your health, it is essential to know your supplement and vitamin intake. Most importantly, you’d want to know which ingredients your supplements are made of. Look at the bottle label for undesirable ingredients like sweeteners, additives, or fillers usually used to add substance to the product but less so quality.

Some supplements feature compounds used to bind ingredients together, thus boosting the product’s taste. Knowing your supplement ingredients is essential, as some additives might work against your health or be scientifically unapproved. Some ingredients to be wary of include cellulose, silicon dioxide, citric acid, and titanium dioxide.


Supplements Should Mimic All-Natural Vitamins

Getting all-natural supplements is always a favored option compared to purchasing synthetically made products. A Natural Library of Medicine article found that natural vitamins are way better than synthetic ones. Since these do not contain any additives or synthetic ingredients, they make a healthier option than the rest. Typically, the most natural form of vitamin supplements are those that hold little to no additives, so always go for the cleanest option available.


Expiration Date

Although it is very unlikely for an expired vitamin to cause health issues, avoiding expired products comes a general purchase rule. This is mainly because expired products may not be as potent as well-preserved vitamins. A person who lacks vitamin D, for instance, might think that expired vitamins are replenishing all those needs.
However, an expired supplement will not only lack the desired effects and quality, but it might also lead to serious health problems, such as loss of bone density.



Another important thing to look for when buying quality supplements is the packaging.
It is of crucial importance for vitamins to lay safely in a dry, well-preserved place.
To be entirely functional, the packaging should protect vitamins from moisture, pests, and UV lights, and should be ideally made of sustainable materials. Lastly, quality supplements are best kept in their original box, and stored in a cool but dry place, thus ensuring 100 percent of their effects, structure, and potency.

Scientifically Proven

Not all supplement brands conduct lab product analysis, so if a brand is missing a third-party verification, it is likely an unreliable or suspicious one. Verified supplement brands usually present consumers with numerous validated product reviews and provide scientific findings on both the supplements’ efficiency and quality.
In terms of scientific recommendations, ensure you are only taking the dosage supported by carried out studies. Typically, a reputable supplement brand will come with an inside tracker which recommends proper product consumption whilst also offering personalized dosage indications, based on the consumer’s weight, height, nutrition and health considerations.  

Supplement smartly and accordingly!

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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