Latest Trends of Smart Packaging in the Cosmetics Industry

Smart Packaging Trends in Cosmetics

Smart packaging in the beauty and cosmetics industry is very much alive and well.

Smart packaging in the beauty and cosmetics industry is very much alive and well. With IoT and smart packing on the rise throughout the world, cosmetics and makeup are sure to benefit as well. Smart packaging in makeup bottles and skincare products remains a unique niche because some highly innovative and fun packaging can be created.

Below are a few examples of how some beauty companies, products, and packaging manufacturers are creating and using high-tech and super cool tubes, bottles, and containers to take their beauty products stand out.

Cosmogen’s Self-Heating Tube

This is a one-time use, special self-heating tube (that has a tube within a tube). The basic premise of this smart packaging design is to heat up the beauty product inside of the container, tube, etc. before the person uses the product. The goal of this is to create a more skin-soothing experience for its users. For example, face masks, body lotions, body oils, and wrinkle creams for the eyes are warmed for a more pleasant experience.

On a more technical level, the inside tube contains a sodium acetate solution – the heating element in the tube. When the user twists the cap off the product, the inside seal is broken and the heating process begins.

Thinfilm – OpenSense

LED and NFC tech allows for cosmetic companies to print specialized information directly on their beauty products. Customers can access that information from their smartphones by scanning a special tag. Thinfilm has created an NFC tag sensor coined OpenSense. Customers can use their phones to determine whether or not the package has been opened prior to use.

NFC sensors can provide more information than just safety related advice. Users can also use this technology to access special How-To videos and tutorials, reviews, bloggers opinions, and promotional material.


Nu Skin – ageLOC Me

This smart packaging device may be the highest-tech packaging of them all. This is a special delivery system that stores, mixes, and then expenses personalized skincare products right in your own home. For instance, you can use their online test to determine what products are right for your needs depending on skin type, climate, environment, and more. Once you provide all of your answers, their complex algorithm can provide you with a precise and accurate skin care plan.

This system uses special airless cartridges that contain different serums and moisturizers for your skins specific needs. You can place your hard under the product dispensing mechanism and it automatically dispenses into your hand. This is a unique feature for skincare products because the actual product remains free from germs and other contaminations.

Dior – Skin Analyzer

Dior has begun to take major strides in combining makeup products and IoT. Dior’s Skin Analyzers is meant to check and target 6 main areas on skincare: Perfection, radiance, plumpness, brightening, resilience lift, and hydration. This analysis is performed within 8 seconds by directly scanning your skin. After that, it can then generate personalized recommendations based on your skin type. For instance, it can detect dry skin and acne and then recommend products based on those issues.

The actual device looks similar to an iPhone, but has an addition of a high-tech camera to take a photo of your skin.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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