Smart Water Bottles: Everything You Need To Know

The Smart Water Bottle industry continues to boom.

As the world becomes more aware of the importance of proper hydration, the Smart Water Bottle industry continues to boom. Companies have designed and created many different types of Smart Water Bottles to cater to different needs and lifestyles. Some Smart connected Bottles are designed for simplicity and ease of use, while other water bottles are like high tech equipment. Whatever design fits your lifestyle and needs the best, Smart hydration Bottles help improve hydration, health, and your quality of life.

Technology Used in Smart Water Bottles


Most Smart Water Bottles use some type of software that allows your bottle to connect to a phone app. At the basic level, a phone app can usually track the amount of water you have consumed, what your ounce goals are for the day, and how many ounces you have left to drink.

Having the ability to visually see your progress for the day and how much more you have to drink to achieve your daily water intake goal is used motivation to keep drinking. This is why great software and apps are so important for some Smart Water Bottle users. It holds you accountable and keeps you on track with your hydration goals.

Additionally, a cool feature of some of these smart Bottles is the ability to connect with fitness apps and trackers like FitBit, Garmin, Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, etc. You can already keep track of your water consumption through most of the apps or devices. But having the ability to take more advanced data from you Smart Water Bottle to pair with you fitness app or tracker is a great option for many people. It provides a more accurate picture of you daily water intake. This feature may be especially important if you play sports, go to the gym, run, etc.

How Smart Water Bottles Keep Track of How Much You Drink

Most Tech Water Bottles use similar technologies to gauge how much water you are drinking from your bottle. One of the most common techs used is an accelerometer. An accelerometer is able to detect when you tip your water bottle to take a sip of water due to gravitational pull/acceleration. It can also sense when you put your water bottle back down after drinking.

There may also be weight sensors that help your Smart Water Bottle detect how many ounces you have drunk at any given moment. This type of tech accurately tracks how much water you drink and then your water bottle can send that information to your water-tracking app. Once in the app, you can track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

How Smart Water Bottles Notify You to Drink

Again, there are many different ways different Connected Water Bottles can notify you when to drink water. The most common ways are notifying you through lights, sounds, and/or vibrations.

If a specified period of time goes by when you have not taken a drink from your Smart Water Bottle, your water bottle will notify you to drink. Your bottle may do this by sending a signal through lights. The` lid or the body of the bottle may light up to gently remind you to drink your water. Your hydration Bottle may also notify you through certain sounds or vibrations if gentle light reminders are not sufficient in reminding you to drink.

Many Smart Water lids will also adjust the amount you have to drink based on your height, weight, age, gender, activity level, and climate conditions. These are important factors for your water bottle to take into consideration because it will drastically affect how much water you must consume in any given day. If your activity level is higher for the day you will need to drink more water. In the summer months when the weather is hot and humid, you must also up your water intake to stay properly hydrated. If you chose a Smart Water Bottle and app that can detect these stats you will get more accurate information about how much water you need to actually drink.

Your Ideal Connected Water Bottle

If You Want Simplicity and Affordability

Go for the Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle. The water bottle is under $25 making it affordable for anyone. It has a digital display right on the front of the bottle so you can see how much water you need to drink and how much you have already consumed. The digital display eliminates the need to use an app, making it simple and easy to use for someone who doesn’t want to mess with an app. It will still provide you with reminders of when to drink, just in a less high-tech and flashy way.

If You Want Sleekness and High-Tech Performance

The ideal Smart Water Bottle for you might be the Hidrate Spark. The Hidrate Spark is sleek, comes in 6 awesome colors, and has most of the bells and whistles of a great High Tech Water Bottle. It has a great app to keep track of your water consumption and daily goals, it can connect to your FitBit or Apple Watch and never needs to be charged. When you need to drink, the bottle will elegantly glow as you are reminded to sip your water.

If You Want It All’s Smart Water Bottle is the perfect option if you want a water bottle that does everything. The actual water bottle is designed simply for convenience and ease of use. The bottle will remind you when to drink, you can choose if you want reminders to drink through lights, sounds, or vibrations, and you can physically turn on and off and change your reminder settings for a custom experience.

A really unique feature about this Smart Water Bottle is that it can detect its’ environment, like what the temperature is and whether it’s nighttime or dark outside. The water bottle connects to the app that can sync with most major fitness trackers and can track things like daily hydration habits, create a personalized hydration profile, and allows you to content with friends to keep motivated.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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