Supplement brands are going “Green”

Modern consumers are changing, which means that savvy companies must change with them. These days consumers pay a lot more attention to packaging and the overall sustainability of a product. Many are willing to pay slightly more for supplements that they feel have a lower carbon footprint, which means the easiest way to increase your brand recognition and attractiveness may simply be to adopt a new sustainable approach to marketing and production.
Altering your packaging is one of the simplest ways to show consumers you are listening to their concerns. Millennials are quickly taking a bigger slice of the marketplace, and three out of four millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products. The main takeaway from this statistic however is not that they are willing to pay more, but instead that they are willing to go out of their way to choose a sustainable product. Therefore, if you want to be the product that three out of four consumers want, you need to adopt a more sustainable model for your company.
Millennials are not the only generation interested in sustainability within the supplements market, however, as it seems people everywhere are becoming wary of the negative effect plastic and other non-recyclable goods are having on our environment. Products that are marketed as sustainable grow 7.1x faster than products that are simply introduced to the public. It should be pretty simple to figure out which goal you should target.
With that in mind, the idea of creating sustainable packaging for supplements might sound intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. Dozens of companies are already taking the first step and setting the tone for future business ventures. Here are a few great examples of companies that have successfully launched sustainable packaging for their supplements.

Ritual: Transparent & Traceable

Ritual is an online supplements brand that prides itself on transparency and natural ingredients. The company was conceptualized by one women’s dissatisfaction with the supplement market, and today offers multivitamins, prenatal, and protein bundles to its clientele. However, transparency in ingredients is not the only place where Ritual is proud to be traceable. The company is also extremely diligent about its sustainability practices and impact on the environment. All of their products are sold in 100% recycled plastic bottles that help reduce wastes while repurposing it. The mailers themselves are also recycled and even the extras are made out of recycled materials proving that just about every packaging can be sustainable with the right impetus and determination.

Vivo Life Enters the Home Compostable Market

Vivo Life creates a wide range of supplements designed to help you give your body a natural boost. However, more notably, the company has a long history of working hard to create sustainable packaging. Vivo Life kicked off their voyage with recyclable tubs but soon found out the fuel required to ship them was negating any benefits. After countless hours of research, the company landed on home compostable packaging as the ultimate sustainable solution, but launching the new packaging was not a cheap venture for an independent business.
For help, Vivo Life turned to its customer base and launched a Kickstarter Campaign where consumers and environmentally-conscious supporters were invited to pre-order home compostable packaged products. The results were overwhelming and before too long Vivo Life had a completely sustainable packaging solution and a wider customer base than ever before proving once and for all that sustainable packaging is extremely attractive to modern consumers.

HUM Nutrition Pioneers 100% Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottles

HUM Nutrition is a supplement brand with a unique goal: to prevent 50+ million water bottles from ending up in the ocean by 2025. To meet their goal, the company transitioned its supplements packaging to a 100% ocean-bound plastic bottle that is lightweight and more importantly, completely recyclable. The bottles are made out of recycled plastic that is deemed high risk for eventually polluting the ocean. All of the plastic is collected by concerned citizens who are willing to scour miles of coastline to collect stray plastic bottles and take them to recycling centers. The upcycled materials are then converted into new products like the supplement bottles from HUM Nutrition effectively ensuring that a large portion of stray plastic is actually turned into something more than water pollution.

Ace of Air Reimages the Concept of Rental Products

Ace of Air is a brilliant new skincare and supplement brand that is carving out its own place in the marketplace by charging consumers a “rental fee” for the packaging of the beauty products they purchase. The concept is simple: if you want the beauty products found inside, you need to rent the packaging. Once you are done with the products, you are required to return the plastic packaging inside of a cleverly designed shipping box that is also designed to be reused multiple times. Ace of Air is hoping to change the industry of consumerism by changing the way the average customer thinks about sustainable packaging and its personal impact on the environment.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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