Supplement Source: Where do Vitamins Come From?

So, you take your vitamins every day. Maybe it is a multivitamin or a few specific vitamins and supplements that support different areas of the body or take care of your own personal concerns.

Even though your vitamins are bought from a specific brand and company, those companies need to get their vitamins, minerals, and supplements from sources as well. They need to choose certain manufacturers to source vitamins and minerals to create supplements of their own or to re-sell them as is with their own brand packaging.

Often times, these vitamins and minerals are bought in large bulk quantities because they are less expensive and deeply discounted.

But how do vitamin brands, such a Supplement Source, choose where they should buy their vitamins and minerals? Is there a certain process with strict criteria they go through? How can you feel secure with the quality of the ingredients brands are using?

We will answer all of these questions below, so you can understand this important process a bit better.

Companies like Supplement Source do not make their own vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Rather, they choose certain vitamins and other supplements to sell to their customers from other brands that make those supplements and vitamins. It is up to the discretion of Supplement source to pick and choose which brands they want to sell in their online shop.

The brands and products that Supplement Source does decide to carry based on their own values and criteria, generally align with their values because they want the products they are selling to meet their standards as well.

Companies that are reselling vitamins may have different standards and values such as the following:

  • Where the ingredients in each product are sourced
  • If the ingredients are organic and non-GMO
  • If ingredients are from natural sources or synthetic sources
  • What types of additives, preservatives, fillers, etc. are added to vitamins and supplements
  • If there are artificial flavors or colors
  • If ingredients are sourced from the US or other countries with lower standards
  • Where the actual vitamin or supplement is produced and packaged

These are just a few examples of some of the ways a company will decide which brands they want to sell in their shops versus brands that do not meet their quality standards.

Companies should also focus on buying supplements in bulk. Buying in bulk saves both time and money. Buying in bulk from trusted companies also ensures the vitamins, minerals, and supplements are coming from healthy sources and meet high-quality standards.

For instance, bulk supplement companies that produce and source their vitamins should come from a facility that follows or exceeds cGMP standards, had an FDA registered facility, and has a professional reputation that is trusted and safe.

In the end, vitamins, minerals, and supplements that you ingest should come from trusted sources, have high-quality standards, and should come from natural sources with the least number of synthetic compounds possible. Companies, such a Supplement Source, are valued, trusted, and ensure the products they are selling are safe and healthy for their customers.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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