Top 10 FMGC Companies in India

Top 10 FMGC Companies in India

Fast moving consumer goods, also known as FMCG, are consumer goods that sell at a high rate for a low cost

Fast moving consumer goods, also known as FMCG, are consumer goods that sell at a high rate for a low cost. Typically, these good are items such as milk, produce like fruits and veggies, over-the-counter medications, beverages, and the like.

So, if you find yourself buying milk and bread at your local convenience store or supermarket, you are parking in the world of FMCG. Small purchases that have a relatively short self-life are what we are talking about here. Even though these products have a low-cost dollar amount, the huge amount of sales made, make up for the low cost of the product.

With this multibillion-dollar industry, the competition among FMCG companies is high. Let’s take a peek into the Top 10 FMCG companies in India.

The List

#1: Nestle India

Turnover: $87 billion

Chocolate, coffee, and other delicious treats are widely consumed products not just in India, but also throughout the world. Again, another household name with a genuine reputation, Nestle remains in the top and customer loyalty is the key to their success.

#2: Procter and Gamble

Turnover: $83 billion

With over 170 years of experience, it is safe to safe this company is one of the most trusted in the world. Surely, one of their cleaning products is sitting under your kitchen sink as we speak.

#3: Colgate-Palmolive

Turnover: $17.08 billion

Surely, most of us have heard of Colgate and Palmolive. They make our toothpaste and kitchen dish soaps! With such a common and trusted household name they have no problem taking second place in the consumer goods industry. Reputation and trust are two of the biggest key factors in successful FMCG companies.

#4: ITC Limited

Turnover: $7.0 billion

This company covers products in the tobacco, hotel, and personal care sector. With such a wide range of fast moving consumer goods, they are able to cover a large amount of the world population’s needs. ITC is a well-respected company, making their products high quality and widely popular.

#5: Hindustan Unilever

Turnover: $4.0 billion

Coming in first place is Hindustan Unilever. They have one of the fastest turnover rates and keep their products moving quickly. In return, this makes their prices some of the lowest in the FMCG sector. This company focuses on nutrition, personal care products, and personal hygiene products that take care of most consumers major needs.

#6: Godrej Group

Turnover: $4 billion

Ambition has always been the key to success for this great FMCG Company. From personal care items to real estate and engineering they are determined to grow at a rapid rate.

#7: Amul

Turnover: $2.15 billion

With a company that only sells milk and milk-based products, they sure know how to do it well and fast. The quality of their products and fast turnover make them a true leader in the industry.

#8: Parle Agro

Turnover: $1 billion

This company focuses on food and beverages. This relatively new company has become so successful because of their great working environment, wonderful employee treatment, and high-quality products.

#9 Marico Limited

Turnover: $850 million

Marico is in the oil and personal care sector. With roots established in over 25 different countries, their global presence is strong and only continues to grow.

#10: Britannia Industries Limited

Turnover: $730 million

With food items and dairy products, Britannia has continued success for 123 years. With such a well-established and trusted company, they will likely remain in the top 10 for many generations to come. They also make delicious cookies that consumers cannot get enough of!

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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