Using Transparency in the Nutritional Supplement Industry Part 2

In our previous post you can find here, we learned what transparency in business means, what happens when it works well and what are the benefits of being transparent in the nutritional supplement industry.

Let’s check out some examples of nutritional supplement companies that carry the transparent flag proudly.

Who's successfully using transparency to build trust in the nutritional supplements industry well?

1) Ritual: Ritual is committed to offering transparency into critical decisions it makes and the impact on both its customers and the planet. Ritual’s packaging doesn’t just tell you that it includes omega-3 DHA sourced from microalgae. It explains that the microalgae are grown in sustainable plots in Saskatoon, Canada, saving up to 750 anchovies and sardines per bottle. It then directs you to all the research that explains why it opted for this specific kind of omega-3 fatty acid and the particular dosage in your multivitamin. Ritual also puts a face to the manufacturing partner and scientific team that oversees this process. In some cases, Ritual even shows you the clinical trial details of their formula.

2) Wild Nutrition: Wild Nutrition takes great pride in listing every component of their supplements. That is because the company’s ingredients are ‘food grown’ (not synthetic), and they pick the highest quality natural ingredients, without any unnecessary preservatives, colorants, fillers, or binding agents, to create the most nutrient-dense vitamins possible.

3) Gaia Herbs: Gaia is the brand behind Meet Your Herbs, the nutritional supplement industry’s first herb traceability program. It made Gaia Herbs’ chain of custody transparent and open. By entering the Meet Your Herbs ID number from any (newly redesigned) Gaia Herbs product at the new or on the latest mobile app, consumers can see proof of careful cultivation, meticulous harvesting, the right extraction methods, and state-of-the-art validation and purity data for each herb inside their product.

How to differentiate your supplements business from others using transparency

  • Bake transparency into your business plan. Business owners must spell out what transparency in the nutritional supplements industry means to them, in no uncertain terms.
  • Hire the right people who can uphold and maintain transparency in the company to the level you envision.
  • Don’t keep responsibilities, job functions, and pay rates a secret.
  • Make customer service and customer relationships your goal over and above selling things.
  • Trust employees to make decisions, and increase your trust in those employees who prove themselves trustworthy.
  • Learn how to accept criticism and turn it into progress. Clients do appreciate it when they know they can be open and honest with their nutritional supplement partner.

Final Words

Adopting transparency in any business will bring marvelous results. But let’s not forget that in the nutritional supplement industry, our responsibility is of a higher grade: We want to help people feel better and be healthier. Transparency in our business can create a relationship of trust and engagement with our customers, leading them to achieve their wellness goals.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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