Vitamin Manufacturers: How Vitamins are Produced and Packaged

How are vitamins produced?

If you do not take vitamins on a regular basis, you have probably taken vitamins on and off at least a few times in your life. However, have you ever thought about where your vitamins come from or how they are made? Are your vitamins natural, organic, synthetic, manmade?

The answers depend on the type of vitamins you are buying and how the manufacturer and brands decide to make them. Some of the vitamins you take make come from natural sources while other vitamins may be of synthetic origin.

When a manufacturer produces their vitamin blend, they generally buy the raw materials from another party. Often times, to ensure the quality and purity are high, they will check the vitamins for purity and strength.

From there, the raw vitamins are ground into a powder and are preblended if need be. When all of the ingredients for the vitamins are ready, it is then time to weight and mix the blend. The materials are weighted on scales to ensure the right amount of materials are being mixed together. Next, workers pour the mixtures into a mixer so they can blend together evenly. The blend is checked to make sure they mixture has been blended thoroughly.

Once everything is evenly mixed it then is time for encapsulating the vitamins into pills and then packaging the vitamins for shipment and sales.

How are vitamins packaged?

Vitamins are then sent for the packaging process. Packaging vitamins will depend on how the brand wants to package their products. It can range from plastic pill bottles to eco-friendly pouches, to individual serving size pouches for daily use.

On the other hand, many companies who make vitamins are opting to package their vitamin products in smart packaging.

Often times manufacturing companies will decide to make a smart vitamin bottle with a smart cap. The smart cap on the bottle can have a few different functions depending on who makes them, but they have a similar goal- and that is the help people remember to take their vitamins, allow them to track their vitamin usage, as well as help to provide critical consumer information back to the company.

Since a smart cap for a vitamin bottle is a connected device, these caps sink up with a smartphone app specifically designed to communicate with the cap are store important information in the app. Users can see information such as charts based on their compliance, set up reminders for when to take their vitamins, view and create daily plans and schedules regarding how they want to take their vitamins, and much more.

Some of this information can also be viewed by companies in an effort to gain knowledge about their customers’ usage habits, how the company can help customers have a better experience, while at the same time generating strong relationships with the customers to help achieve consumer loyalty.

Final Thoughts

In the end, vitamins, minerals, and supplements are not going anywhere. If anything, the amount of people adding vitamins to their daily life is only increasing by the day as more and more people are becoming concerned with their health, wellness, and achieving various health-related goals.

The vitamin manufacturing business is booming and with technology increasing in this world and getting better, packaging for vitamins using smart packaging tech is only getting better, more interesting, and more useful for both the company and their customers.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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