Why We Rebranded Our Company Name

In today’s quickly evolving business climate, it makes sense to embrace change. Companies often rethink their strategy by adopting new names, packaging, and marketing strategies to respond to corporate branding competitiveness. Feeling the need to update our brand, we went from being known as Water.io to impacX. We announced the change earlier this month but wanted to explain more about it, so our customers better understand our decision.

Change is Inevitable for Companies That Want to Evolve

There were three reasons for the change. The first was to reflect the expansion of our offering from smart water packaging to additional smart packaging platforms. The name impacX made sense as it encompasses our “Internet of Packaging” concept.

Back in 2015, when we established Water.io, one of our co-founder’s young daughter’s medical condition led to the discovery that increased water consumption could resolve her symptoms. Despite having 24/7 access to clean drinking water, many people are chronically dehydrated. We spoke to physicians, caregivers, and experts to confirm that people do not drink enough water to suffice their daily activities. Even being slightly dehydrated can cause a myriad of health problems, including cognitive issues that impair judgment.

Our solution was to come up with Water.io, a smart packaging technology platform that connects water bottles to a personalized mobile app. Water and hydration is where we started, and we are continuing to lead innovation in this category.

The second reason for the change was to update our branding. It didn’t convey who we are as a brand because it was too corporate-like and traditional. We made changes to represent our liveliness and dynamic culture. Our new branding is eye-catching, future-focused, and memorable.

Our company consists of an interdisciplinary team of experts with technological skills and vast and varied capabilities. We are good at responding to changes quickly and successfully. We work closely with the industry to satisfy our customers’ needs as they change and evolve. Our company is focused on technology and use it to improve people’s lives daily.

Finally, the branding that we’ve created reflects our response to the world around us. It communicates how we take on challenges and develop resolutions that improve lives for the better. A new name and fresh branding help us stay at the forefront of Consumer Packaging Goods companies.

We want to make an impression on the people that get to know our brand. That’s why we decided on impacX. It sums up what we do: Create an impact with packaging. Our customers can see a considerable difference in how we expect to embrace the future.

Companies wanting to promote good health and do so in measurable ways, embrace our smart packaging and the value it brings to their business. Through continual monitoring of consumer trends and consumer behavior, we improve our offerings with each passing year. The rebranding of our company was just the start of our plans for the future.


The Two Platforms That Make Up impacX

We now have two platforms for our customers to explore. They are Vitamins.io, the smart packaging platform for vitamins and supplements, and Water.io, the reusable water bottle smart packaging platform. Our new website reflects the changes in our branding and introduces prospective customers to our company and all it can do for them with its packaging.

Anyone wanting to know more about us is welcome to reach out to us for more information. We’re happy to answer any questions that have come up that we haven’t addressed about our name change. We’re also up for a discussion about our platforms and how they can be transformative in getting people to think differently about their lives and how they approach their health.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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