Water.io Wins Best Cap or Closure at the 2016 Global Bottled Water Awards

Water.IO, the IoT smart packaging company, announced today that it has won first place in the ‘best cap/closure’ category at the Global Bottled Water Congress, which took place Oct 10-12 in Prague.

At the show, the company presented the world’s first Water.reminder smart clip-on cap for disposable water bottles. The innovative cap attaches to any standard disposable water bottle. A light flashes at regular intervals reminding the consumer to drink more. The caps, which are commercially available, are reusable and can be transferred from one bottle to another.

Water.io converts any bottle into a smart bottle – no matter if contains a liquid, powder, pill, or capsule. “We are thrilled that at our first formal public event we received this recognition, and we are excited to present at more industry conferences this year,” said Yoav Hoshen, co-founder of Water.io and speaker at the event.

Water-IO was established as a result of a medical problem that plagued the young daughter of one of the co-founders for years. After too many doctor visits and medication plans, it was discovered that her problem was easily resolved by simply drinking more water. After speaking to physicians, care-givers and experts, the executive team at Water.IO understood that despite the fact that we have available drinking water around all of us, people simply don’t drink enough.

Dehydration is a major problem in our fast-paced modern world. There are many reasons that people don’t get enough water in their daily activities. Most often, people simply forget to drink or don’t realize how much water they need. In the US alone dehydration results in at least 1.5 million outpatient visits, 200,000 hospitalizations, and 300 deaths per year.

“We offer a unique and important accessory that encourages consumers to increase their daily water intake, and subsequently increase sales of bottled water, “said Hoshen. “Interactive packaging like our water caps, provide consumers and brands with big benefits. We believe IoT smart packaging is the way of the future.” Water.IO will be the keynote speakers at Plastic Caps & Closures (Barcelona, November 9-10) and AIPIA (Amsterdam, November 14-15).

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