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You Bring the Bottle,
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Presenting innovative smart bottle technology that will make you stand out, increase product margins and create a perfect personalized experience for your customers.

The Water.io Platform

Reusable Water Bottle

The Water.io smart bottle is an Innovative bluetooth connected rechargeable bottle. The platform monitors when the bottle has been opened & closed and measures the amount of water in the bottle after usage. If the water level was reduced, it will track the specific amount in the app as consumed water and that will be added to the customer’s daily hydration. If the water level was increased, it will track it as water added to the bottle. The bottle also includes reminding lights for when it’s time to hydrate and a haptic vibration reminder.

Mobile app

Water.io’s white label mobile app becomes the digital coach for an optimized hydration experience. The app learns the customer and builds their unique profile based on charecteristics such as gender, age, weight and physical activity levels. The platform then sets each customer with their unique hydration goal. Every time the liquid level measurement is reduced, that water is marked as consumed. The app also offers push notifications reminders to drink water in addition to the lights on the bottle itself.


Brand Interface

Water.io’s brand interface allows the brand to get to know their customers: who they are, contact information, characteristics, physical activity and hydration habits. With such data, the brand can run personalized marketing campaigns and build brand loyalty.

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Your Customers Will be Healthier



The Water.io platform gets to know each and every one of your customers and becomes their digital wellness coach. Whether they are a female athlete or a work-at-home dad, they will know exactly how much water they need to drink to stay healthy.


Hydration Tracking & Measurement

The Water.io platform measures and tracks water levels in the bottle. When the water level goes down, the platform measures the specific amount and tracks it in the app as consumed water. When the water level goes up, the platform knows that the bottle was filled with water. The customer can follow up on how much water they have consumed and how much they still need to consumer to reach their personlized target throughout the day.



The Water.io platform becomes your customers' digital hydration coach. Based on the personalized hydration measurement and tracking, the platform will motivate and remind your customers when it's time to drink. The bottle's reminder lights will blink and a haptic vibration will be triggered, in addition to a mobile push notification.

What's in it for You

Higher Price Point

The Internet of Things is expanding, and we are seeing connected products everywhere and especially at home. Connected products are always sold with a premium price. Some common exmaples includes smart watches and smart TVs.
Traditional reusable water bottles average prices range between $10 for the simple non-branded bottles and $40 for branded bottles. Smart connected bottles average price ranges between $80-$90. The math never lies.

Customer Data and Engagement

Getting to know your customers is key for successful marketing. With Water.io technology connecting between the brand and its customers, you will get to know each and every one of your customers personally. In addition to knowing their name and contact information, you will also their age, height & weight, physicaly activity habits and more.
Just launched a new bottle especially for kids? Send a push notification with the details to parents only. Hosting an event for amatuer runners from Chicago? Just text them!
The communication can go both ways as your customers can also easily reach out to you through the mobile app.

Stand Out from Competition

The reusable water bottle market is a crowded market with many players. Tradionally the competition was around colors, prints and unique cap technologies. But is that enough?
Adopting Water.io technology will make you stand out, be different, offer a personalized experience that only a connected product can offer.
Your customers will gain a digital coach that helps them drink enough water and feel healthy and hydrated all day long. Satisfied customers will also increase brand loyalty and create a positive experience with your brand.

Help Your Customers Hydrate by Using Your App

Water.io offers a white label app with reminders, and coaches the customer through its journey for better health

Reusable Bottles Help Save the Planet

Plastic water bottles take up space in landfills, pollute our oceans, and require an incredible amount of resources to produce. Shifting your sales into the sustainable reusable water bottle options will help save the planet.

Research shows that the business case is strong for sustainable products. The environment is so important to shoppers that 72% say they’re buying more environmentally friendly products today than they were five years ago, and 81% say that over the next five years they plan to increase the amount of environmentally friendly goods they buy. What’s more, according to Accenture, more than half of all shoppers say they’re willing to pay a premium for an environmentally friendly version of a product.

Water.io Case Study


Increase in Consumption 

As measured in an 8-week research in Spain.


Adherence to bottle reminders

and 50% adherence to app reminders

7 times a day

Users opened the app


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