NFC Success Stories

NFC technology, or near-field communication, has gained some attention in the past few years, particularly in the IoT and smart packaging industries. Many companies have begun to recognize the value and capabilities of NFC technology and begun to incorporate it into their products and smart packaging of those products.

NFC is a simple technology that allows customers to interact with a product wirelessly and instantly. It does not require the pairing of two devices as you have with Bluetooth. Rather, an NFC chip in the product and the NFC chip in someone’s phone can communicate with one another and send data back and forth by just tapping the two chips together and keeping them in close proximity to each other. From there, the individual can access all of the information in the product’s chip and see that information right on their phone.

Of course, this is both invaluable to the customer and the manufacturer and company. It allows the customer instant access to more information, instructions, special promotions, coupons, etc., but it also lets the manufacture gather information about the customer. Such information can include where the product goes after its purchase, how the product is used, how quickly the product runs out, and much more.

With so many benefits and heaps of potential, many companies have experienced success with the incorporation of NFC chips in their products and smart packaging. We will take a look at some examples below and explore how these products and companies have seen much success from NFC technology.

Moo – NFC Business Cards

In a world where there is so much competition to stand out in the work space and corporate world, an NFC business card can help you stand apart from the crowd. Thanks to Moo, you can customize an NFC business card on their website with your information. The business card has an embedded NFC chip that allows anyone with a smartphone, like IOS or Android, to tap their phone t the card. This will trigger a digital reaction and more information will pull up on the person’s phone immediately.

When designing your business card, you can add links to websites, have your email or phone number save directly to the person’s phone, promote an app, or connect to all social and professional profiles that you have.

Yubico – YubiKey NEO

The YubiKey NEO is a special security key that provides hardware-based authentication and cryptography to completely reduce account takeovers, or having someone break into one of your important accounts – such as bank accounts, social media account, etc.

Although you can use the key through a USB port, you also have the option to use the embedded NFC chip. All you have to do is tap the key to another NFC-enabled device for the communication and authentication process to begin working. The key is much easier than typing in a password and it does not require any battery or internet connection, so it is always available to use no matter what.

This product has become so popular and successful because it provides one of the strongest two-factor hardware-based authentication protection for your most important accounts. It is particularly popular in large and small businesses and corporations because it ensures there is never any unauthorized access to any account.


Johnny Walker – Smart Bottle

NFC technology is also quite popular and successful in spirts and liquor manufactures as well. Johnny Walker, a whiskey brand, uses a smart bottled that incorporates an NFC chip. NFC chips are so popular in this industry because there is an increasing issue with inauthentic imitation alcohols being sold and distributed. An embedded NFC chip allows the customer to scan the bottle to make sure the bottle is genuine and not a fraud.

On the other hand, these chips can also improve customer engagement and enhance the relationship between the brand and the customer as well. This new user experience can increase customer loyalty, so customers trust the brand and keep coming back for more.

The customer can access more information about the product instantly, learn more about the product, find recipes and cocktails to make with the liquor, access special coupons, and more. This makes the customer feel like they are getting a unique and personalized experience. Coupled with the fact it feels exclusive and is completely hassle-free, it’s a win for both customer and brand.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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