4 Benefits of Tracking Water Intake

The human body comprises around 60% of water, which makes tracking regular water intake a practice of crucial importance. Ever since 2015, when the smart water bottle was first invented, tracking the water intake has become much easier and more efficient. For one, people no longer have to remember their last intake or calculate how much they need to drink next, as any smart water bottle uses a technology that automatically calculates everything for them.

Tracking your daily water intake is beneficial for many types of users. By tracking their daily water intake, both athletes and regular water drinkers will ensure they have hydrated sufficiently during the day and have met their overall water intake goals. Health-wise, regular water drinking and monitoring will help users reduce headaches, maintain optimal weight, and feel more energized during the day.

Below, let’s explore four main benefits of using smart bottles to track your water intake.

Increased Energy Levels

It’s a fact that users who track their daily water intake will feel more energized as a result. The human brain is influenced by hydration status, and it needs a constant level of liquids which smart water bottles can help keep track of. The more personalized their water drinking habits are, the more users can meet their overall fitness, dieting, and wellbeing goals. In numbers, losing around 1.6% of bodily liquids can cause severe exhaustion and anxiety among people. Thanks to smart water bottles, however, all users can input their desired water drinking levels, and will be reminded to hydrate, both on time and sufficiently. In more advanced smart water bottles, the platform will set your personalized goals for you based on what you need.

Those who already own a smart bottle, know how simple it is to use them to track hydration levels and stay energy-packed throughout the day. Namely, smart water bottles are easily connected to a device via wireless Bluetooth and send a variety of smart reminders that keep drinkers alert for their next hydration session. And it rhymes!

Accelerated Weight Loss

Overweight is a global problem many suffer from, and drinking water regularly can help support weight loss. Additionally, water suppresses the appetite in obese or overweight individuals and keeps them fuller during the day. By regulating their water drinking habits, those struggling with weight problems can efficiently get their metabolism in order.

Next time someone picks up a sugar snack, tell them to drink a full glass of water and give it five minutes’ time – whoever drinks up wouldn’t know what hit’em – and in a positive way! As regulated water intake can kill the munchies, those trying to shed off a few pounds will do so amazingly and efficiently.

Smart water bottles are lifesavers in this regard, as those who never had solid hydrating habits will likely forget to drink up. Namely, smart water bottles send a plethora of reminders, push notifications, and even texts, all working in favor of keeping you more hydrated and lighter.

Reduced Headaches

Dehydration or unregulated daily water intake can sometimes lead to headaches.
In fact, headaches are probably one of the most typical symptoms of dehydration. Interestingly, one of the best ways to prevent the mind and body from becoming water-starved is to track the daily water intake. With the introduction of smart bottles, this is much easier and simpler.

Water cap trackers make optimal hydration calculations, all done automatically, and keep users informed of how much they’ve drunk, and how long they still have to go to reach their goal. Plus, people who drink more water have experienced great relief in getting headaches, which gives proper hydration an even more significant role to uphold.

Sickness Relief

Whether dizzy, sick to the stomach, nauseous, or hungover, regular water drinking can soothe the belly and digestive system superbly. Especially when it comes to alcohol, everybody knows that the nasty habit can lead to exhausting dehydration.
So, to clear your head in the morning and during the day, have a full glass of water in the morning and let it do its thing. However, to keep track of this drinking habit, and we are referring to water, smart water bottles can do the trick.


By tracking your daily water intake, you will give your body the chance to recover from the stress-induced, and you will get back on your feet in no time.

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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