The Craze Behind the Water Bottle Tracking Your Intake

The modern era problem of people not drinking enough water is easily resolved with the use of the one and only – a water bottle that tracks intake!

Living in 2021 is fast-paced, and we can all agree that staying hydrated on a regular basis is a struggle. Everyone knows that poor hydration leads to a lack of energy, focus and bad health. However, once the water bottle that tracks how much water you drink came into play, hydration took a whole different turn.

Different Types of Smart Water Bottles

With technology on the rise, we see the simplest of gadgets gain bigger meaning.
The water bottle that tracks intake can be roughly divided into two main categories: Display Water Bottles and Connected Water Bottles.

Display Bottles

This option is perfect for people who want to keep it simple. As the name suggests, the water bottle that tracks how much water you drink comes with a display on it.
The purpose of its display is to show you how much water you drink while also reminding you to drink up when you haven’t. The Display bottle doesn’t require an app connection and its prices are quite affordable. All these combined make the display water bottle that tracks intake a perfect pick for those keen on not over-complicating.

Connected Bottles

Designed for those who welcome technology with open arms, the connected water bottle that tracks intake requires a dedicated app connection. This maneuver provides users with more features and possibilities. Companies have got very creative regarding the connected water bottle that tracks how much water you drink. Within the dedicated app, you can set your daily goals based on your needs, set precise alarms, and keep track of your water intake. When you forget, you will be reminded in a cool and flashy way to, well, keep hydrating.

How Does the Smart Water Bottle Work?

There are a number of ways the smart bottle that tracks intake works. Some bottles are designed to be simpler, while others are designed to provide you with more in-depth information on your water consumption habits. 

The bottles are packed with lids, sensors and batteries. The way they measure your water intake is either calculated by the angle and drinking speed, or by a sensor that can tell the precise weight of the water left in the bottle after each sip. The bottle that can measure the weight is more precise, unlike the calculating one that leans towards slight inaccuracies. 

The water bottle that tracks how much water you drink will typically glow, make a sound, pass a notification to your smartphone, or vibrate when you are not drinking the amount you are supposed to. This is especially good for women who are pregnant, the elderly, and those who do sports. These people will typically have a precise amount of how much water they should drink each day, so the water bottle that tracks intake makes this situation even more convenient. To keep a precise track, the bottle will remind you every single time you are below the limit. 

The water bottle that tracks intake will show the temperature of the liquid inside, which is pretty fitting if you sometimes decide to use it for other purposes, such as taking a homemade coffee with you to the mountains. 

It comes in many slick and stylish designs. Why purchase plastics when you can carry one of these reusable and durable bottles, thus saving the environment one step at a time? Not only that they look bad, but plastic bottles are not meant to endure gym and nature visits. 

Which Smart Water Bottles are the Best?

With so many brands out there, choosing the perfect smart water bottle to manage your water intake might be a struggle. 

If you are in for quality, durability, sustainability and a job well done, our smart water bottles will get you hydrated in no time! 

Perfect for beginners, experienced athletes, or anyone with a less than desirable daily water intake,’s smart bottles are bound to keep your thirst at bay and your body packed on as much water it needs. 

Our smart technology allows easy connection of your smart water bottle to the app and enables personalized schedules and settings, based on your athletic or everyday needs. Our smart water bottles flash their lights, ring a melody or vibrate to notify you that the time to drink up – has come! 

A smart water bottle keeps your water cool and helps you develop a healthy habit.
Just like many other technologies – its sole purpose is to make the quality of your life better! 

There are simply no cons in using our water bottles that track intake – they make the ultimate hydrator when failing to meet your daily water intake goals or simply monitoring them.

Let’s get healthy together – one sip at a time!

Written by impacX team

Written by impacX team

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